Saturday, February 26, 2011



First of all, I'd like to thank Tim Yap for inviting me to the Masterclass Mixology with London's Champion Mixologist Rod Eslamieh at Robot. I learned how to make, as Rod would put it, "Old school, new twist" drinks!

When you get an invite to attend a Masterclass in Mixology, you need to have a certain mindset: "Learn more, drink less". I'm happy to report that despite the urge of downing all the refreshing, yummy (and "strong") cocktails Rod taught us, I managed (with great self control, mind you. Haha!) to pace myself and was able to concentrate on learning the history and recipes of the drinks.

Any event, party or even a class that Tim hosts, you can guarantee that it would be fun, fabulous, plus, he has a knack of inviting the perfect mix of guests!

The Movie: "A day in the life of Lindsay Lohan"

The producer:

The director:

In Rod we trust

The cast of characters:

Divine Lee and Victor Basa
Claudine Trillo
The wardrobe:

Divine: "Ang taas mo!"
Me: "Thanks to my 5-inch wedge!" LOL

The plot *presses s...l...o...w... mo..."*:

The culprits:

Fish House Punch. According to Rod, this drink was concocted by U.S.
President George Washington and friends at Philadelphia's Gentleman's Club in 1717
I never liked whiskey until...
Jack Daniel's classic Lynchberg Lemonade
Recipe: 1 part Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey
1 part triple sec
1 part sour mix (you can use fresh lime juice)

The special effects:

Hmmm... Ang gagaling bumayo. Haha!
Fire show
The moment of truth...

The end.

In the end, Champagne pa rin ang bagsak! Haha!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, when was the last time you learned something new?


Cilly Momma said...

hi jenni! love your blog! :) (by the way, isn't that claudine trillo? i think you put barretto by mistake. :p)

Mom-Friday said...

Cool to the max! Galing!
I use to concoct party "shooters" a'la Cocomangas, hehehe...
You should try this in a shot glass, pour in equal parts:
Amaretto+Creme de Menthe+Bailey's =

By the way Jenni, diba it's CLAUDINE TRILLO-WEBB up there? (photocaption reads: Claudine Baretto) :)

jing said...

I think you have mistyped claudine trillo's name to "barreto" ♥

Jenni Epperson said...

I assure you guys that I wasn't drunk when I blogged this but I was probably day dreaming kaya si Claudine (Claw-dine, haha!) Trillo, naging Baretto! Hahaha!

Edited na! Thanks!

Life_fighter said...

i miss you guys!!!!

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