Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parenting books


Parents of my generation are lucky to have access to all the information regarding good parenting. Thirty years ago, there were very few books on bringing up children that were available in the market. These days, there are a lot of great books on how to help understand our children and become good parents.

These days, my priority is rearing my kids to become God-loving, good citizens, independent, creative, loving, respectful, and happy individuals. It's a challenge, especially when we we have so many responsibilities to deal with, so it's important to seek help. Going to a professional or reading up on child rearing books are empowering tools to become the best parents we can be.

Here are two books that Tom and I are reading. So far, they are both great reads and funny too! Like what I always say, sharing is caring.

Great buys: I bought both books from PowerBooks, Glorietta 4. They were 20% off!
I needed to read this book! Aryanna will soon enter "Girl World".

Aryanna scanned through 'Queen Bees Wannabes' and quipped: "Mom, I think that's for girls who want to fit in." O, di ba? Ibang level sha! Haha! Honestly, I sometimes feel as if my daughter is the one teaching me.

Anyway, it's worth the read. In the end, it gives me the tools on how to deal with difficult situations that may arise in the future when it comes to my daughter.

Raising boys is an uncharted territory for me. Other moms who have sons tell me, "boys are easier than girls." I hope so! Haha! I'm reading this book because I want my son to grow up well-balanced, independent, respectful of girls, and happy.

Tom is the one reading 'Raising Boys'. He told me it's a good book to read for both parents. We're going to swap books when we're done.

My bedside reading pile: Balancing family and fashion pa rin! LOL

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what parenting books have read lately?


Joyce D. said...

Hi there... been reading your blog for a while and I'll have to check out those books. Thanks for the suggestions! I've just finished reading "Accept Nothing Less" by Jim Burns. Covers sex, drugs, masturbation, pornography, & more from a God-loving perspective. Approaches the topics openly so we as parents we can talk to our kids through this book.

Mom-Friday said...

Having a boy and a girl, I'm also learning the major, major differences in raising them. But aside from gender, their uniqueness lie in their personalities and surprisingly, the girl appears to be more difficult to deal with than our boy! I am now reading "Raising Your Spirited Child" and "From No to Yes Without Bribing or Threatening", both interesting and enlightening :)
Ang hirap magpalaki ng bata ngayon! Parenting is a work in progress!

Jennifer Dizon said...

Boys, in my opinion, are definitely easier than girls. But it must be fun to have both! :)

May I comment on raising children, or anyone, to being "God-FEARING"? Let's focus on LOVE, not fear. If we are God-LOVING, and raise our children to be God-LOVING, then we would help eradicate fear; fear being the source of all miseries and confusion. :)

♥ Peace and Blessings ♥

Jenni Epperson said...


You're right. Edited.

ceemee said...

Parents nowadays need all the help they could get in raising both girls and boys. I think that both have their own challenges parents must face. We especially need wisdom from God and support from our families and friends.

Anonymous said...

Mean Girls was based off Queen Bees and Wannabees.

Super Parenting said...

It's nice to have a book like that. Our Parenting Tips and Strategy needs more empowerment and improvement. We need to go on with the modern parenting tips considering the old parenting strategy. It like implementing the old one and makes some improvement and modification.

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