Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh, Tom...


We interrupt this program to bring you "Tom's Filipino Adventure":

At the grocery:

Tom: "Do you have salsa?"
Sales assistant: "Ser?"
Tom: "Salsa. You know, the red stuff."
SA: "Oh... Over here, ser..."

The sales assistant shows Tom... Liquid SOSA! LOL

Tom: "No, boss. I said, saaalsssa. The stuff with tomatoes."
SA: "Oh... Tomatoes... This one ser..."

SA led Tom to the... Tomato SAUCE section! Aww... Haha!

Tom: "It's OK, boss. Thanks, but I'll just look for it."

Hahahaha! Oh, Tom...


Anagon =) said...

Hahaha! :D Oh my, super benta sakin yung sosa! :D

Frrranchesca said...

My family had quite the same experience as well when doing the grocery. We were at the cashier already, when the lady got a hold of the jar of olives, she looked at it and said to us, "Ano to?? Kinakain po ba ito?"
My mom was like, "Uhm. Oo."


Mom-Friday said...

LOL! From your intro, I thought Tom was the one who can't pronounce the liquid SOSA, hahaha...
What an adventure indeed!

Bags said...

just want to share that when I was buying a dog food the sales person asked if what breed is my dog and then I answered, Asong Pinoy, and then she made a nasty comment: "bakit di no dog food nyo pa!!!". Kaasar!!!


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