Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!


I deal with this... Everyday.

The photo competition between Tom and Aryanna...

Ayaw pong magpatalo. Take it easy, hun. You don't want to hurt your back again! LOL

The goofing off...

Tom: "Give me some of your hair!"
Tom: "Be still, Aryanna! I'm trying to fix our hair!"
Aryanna: "You mean my hair. *Laughs*
Tom: "You're grounded."
Arayanna: "You're doing it all wrong, dad!"

The uncontrollable laughs...

They crack-up at the silliest things!
OK lang kayo?
Naku po! Hindi na kinaya!

 The growing up...

Our Prince Charming

 In return, they deal with me taking pictures of them... All the time.

The dynamics of families differ from one another, but in the end, it's all about compromise, balance, lots of laughs, respect, and love. This Valentine's Day, I'd like my family to know that despite some of the challenges we go through, everything is alright because I have you guys in my life.  I love you! Thank you Lord for the Eppersons!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, feel free to dedicate a love note for your family, friends, and loved ones on the comment box!


mitch_casas said...

thanks for sharing, nice to know you guys are happy. happy hearts day to you and your family. :)

Lesley said...

These photos are priceless! What a beautiful and fun-loving family :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, nakakatayo na si Dylan! =)

Reading your blog makes me feel like I'm part of the fam! Hahaha.

Dee said...

This is so sweet. We're also a silly bunch in our family and I believe they're my biggest blessing because just by being together, whether enjoying chika over dinner or laughing over something goofy, they make everyday something to be really thankful for.

C h e l l o g s said...

Awww... your family is so lovely. Nowadays its hard to find a father and a daughter who get along well. They're so sweet!

happynes said...

I can't stop laughing! Your family is really cool/kulit. Really wonderful family you have ms. jenny. :)

Anonymous said...

hi ms. jenni. i adore your fam! i like reading your posts and looking at your family bonding pics--whether it's a trip to the grocery, saturday mornings at salcedo market, sunday breakfast at gram's, walking dylan, or just about any hilarious moment you spent together. i hope to have a cool and hip (hehe!)family like yours in the near future :) keep on posting :)


Jennifer said...

i can't stop laughing and almost i cried because of happiness i feel while reading this blog. You have an amazing family. *sniff *sniff (oh sorry) namiss ko tuloy ang family ko.

keep blogging Ms. Jen.

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