Monday, February 21, 2011

Jennirosity Day Winners of the Samsung Microwave Ovens


The final official tally is 227 entries (not 229 as you would see in the comments box). Thanks to, I don't have to manually write everyone's entry and place it in our Bingo tambiolo! Haha! I took a video of the draw. Thank you Aryanna for editing the video! Ang galing! 

This is so exciting! Are you ready? Here we go...

Entry numbers 179 and 85 win! They are:

Entry 179: Jethro Tan (@jet_tn)

Entry 85: Arman B. Geraldino (@aRmhanGerald)

Congratulations! Good news! Our friends from Samsung just told me that they will deliver the microwave ovens to the winners! Yay!

Important: Winners should email me the ff:
Full name, complete address, mobile no. at

Remember: If you live abroad, email me your representative's name, address, and mobile no.

Thank you, Samsung! Thanks to everyone who joined!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, stay tune this week for another fabulous prize! Abangan...


cherry said...

and they're both men...their girlfriends or wives or moms would be very happy to have new microwave ovens...congratulations!

Jenni Epperson said...


kapampanganyaku said...

congrats to the winners! lucky day for the guys! this is the first time i joined an on line contest..nakaka excite din pala kahit hindi ka manalo kasi you tend to check updates with a wishful thinking na manalo..aheheh! Ms.Jenni, keep up making other people exitement burning! love your blogs so much! more power!

kapampanganyaku said...

congrats guys! it was the first time i joined an on line contest kahit na di ako nanalo the thrill made me happy!looking forward to the next Jennirosity Day! more power ms.Jenni!

Mom-Friday said...

wow congrats to the guys! :)))
looking forward to more raffle from 'welovejenni'!!!

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