Thursday, February 24, 2011

Congressman Manny Pacquiao on Twitter!


Manny Pacquiao is now on Twitter, for realz!

I called my BFF, @lounell (follow him on Twitter if you want updates about Manny. Close sila.) when I found out that there is a @CongMP account to verify if it was Manny Pacquiao's account:

Me: "Hellew... Is @CongMP Pacman's official Twitter account?"
Lounell: "Malay ko?"
Me: "Paki confirm naman. It's important to me."
Lounell: "Ganoon?"
Me: "Yes, pag-icon levelz, kailangan may confirmayshun."
Lounell: Sige, balitaan kita."

@CongMP first tweet. So kyoot!

After a few moments...

Lounell: "I spoke to the Champ [via mobile phone—leveling, di ba?], @CongMP is his official Twitter account."
Me: "Bongga! Teynk yu."
Lounell: "Sige, ipagkalat mo na!" *LOL*
Me: "Curious lang ako kung ano ang itu-tweet nya."

Ladies, gentlemen, gheys and peoples of the world, follow Manny Pacquiao on!

Can I just say, soshal ni Pacman—check out the background of his profile pic and the people he follows—very level up! I wonder if Obama follows Manny on Twitter. Paki check nga.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, follow Manny Pacquiao na!


LOONEY said...

Jen, just a little clarification. In one of your sentences, it says @CongPH ... it's not's @CongMP.

Although in your screencap it says naman CongMP. So no harm done. Hehe.

wamjam said...

Hi Jenni. I went to the link but it says, "this page does not exist". :-(

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