Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't just say it, write it!


A Valentine's Day message from our friends from paPillo Fine Stationers:

paPillo Fine Stationers invites you to view our valentine surprises!
Love & romance themed stationery & balloon arrangements...for your
special someone, we assure you that our products will charm &
delight...we specialize in personalizing & that, will  give your
loved one, a present to be cherished for always...

We have a wide range of products, notepads, flat cards, stick ons, ribbons & more....

papillo Fine Stationers, "Some things are better left written"
We specialize in personalizing.
trish panlilio @nawwTy on twitter
papillo trish on facebook
papillo fine stationers on facebook

To order, call 810.5295, 0918.9369854 : Emmylou or Theresa

Shoppingero/shoppingera, have you thought of what gift/surprise you will be giving your loved one this Valentine's Day?

1 comment:

Jeselle B. said...

Hi Jenni!

I love your blog! Especially the recipes =)

Anyhow, am planning on giving a perfume for my hubby. I came across a local fragrance company on Multiply Marketplace. You can use your handwritten note and they'll print it on the bottle itself. You might want to check it out. =)

More power & a happy new year to you and your family! =)

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