Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anime mom 2


Aryanna: "Mom, I think you should change your profile pic already."
Me: "No! I love your drawing!"
Aryanna: "That's why I made you a new one."
Me: "What?!!! Show me!"
Aryanna: "Only if you calm down."
Me: *LOL* "OK, I'm calm."

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"Mom 2" by Aryanna Epperson

Aryanna: "I also did a video of it."
Me: "What?!!! Show me!"
Aryanna: "Only if you calm down."
Me: *LOL* "OK, I'm calm."

This will only take 3.43 mins. of your time. This is love.

Thank you , Aryanna!

Me: "I think you should do this every month!"
Aryanna: OK, mom."
Me: "Seriously! It's awesome!"
Aryanna: "OK, mom."
Me: "So what's your next drawing?"
Aryanna: " Calm down, mom."

Shoppingero/shoppingera, have you commissioned an artist to draw/paint or do a caricature of you? Share!


Kristine Dianne Millete said...

Aryanna: Mom, you free tonight?
Jenni : Yes dear, you wanna do something?
Aryanna : (hands a cute lil invite)
Jenni: reads the invite- Aryanna's doodles exhibit *gasps*
Aryanna : Mom!! wake up!

Jenni faints from too much mommy pride teehee ;p

Kristine Dianne Millete

sioMai said...

Ohmy! You are very blessed for having such a wonderful daughter. I wish that when I'll be having a child soon, s/he could be as talented as yours so that I'll have plenty of anime-ish drawings of myself, too! Aryanna is oh-so-awesome! More power!

thepurpleman said...

aryanna is really gorgeous and very talented like her mom...i love the editorial she did at the PLANT magazine entitle "where the wild things are"

she can be a model...the next "IT" girl for fashion houses here....go for it!

im not sure if mom jenni would even approve of it...lol

Ayis said...

Her drawing is amazing, she should do this every month, with the video :-)

I enjoy your blog...everyday.

cafevida said...

Fantastic drawing!!! Your daughter is super sweet for doing this for you and uber-talented! :D

I love your blog posts - they are not only informative, they are also so much fun to read.

Rock on and stay fabulous!

Marissa said...

We commissioned an artist to do a charcoal rendition of one of my son's photos and gave it to my MIL.

Edez said...

awww! that's very very sweet! I myself can't calm down lol!
she's indeed your official blog illustrator :)

elizar33 said...

I love it! I dunno who's cooler, you or your daughter!?!

Adore the banter between you two!

Keep it up Aryanna! I'll be waiting for the next one. Don't worry, I'm calm... :-|

renji said...

Love the way your daughter expresses her love for you Ms Jenni. You both are so talented and has got great sights. That's why I really enjoy this blog.

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi siomai!

Thanks! I'm sure your children will be spectacular! Remember to always encourage them to try things to find out what they like to do and later on they can develop their skills.

cates05 said...

hello ms. jenni! i always find time to read your blog - it's not only informative, it's so much fun too.. and this entry melts my heart everytime i read it. i can see how much you and aryanna love each other! you've done so well in raising your children! way to go!

wishing you prosperity by leaps and bounds for the year of the rabbit. gong xi fa cai!

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi 'thepurpleman'!


Jenni Epperson said...

Hi elizar33!

My daughter is way cooler than me!

Jenni Epperson said...

Thanks everyone for your comment! I'll let Aryanna read all your beautiful messages.

Keep your comments on my other posts coming!


erika bianca said...

Hi Ms. Jenni! How sweet naman! :))

I draw too :P (sometimes), if I may just ask.. what's that marker/coloring material your daughter used here in her drawing? I'm a fan of color pencils and oil pastels, but that coloring tool is kinda cool, I wanna try using it. Heh! :))

Thanks and God bless! xx

cates05 said...

warning: this not intended to be a comment. :))

hi ms. jenni, i actually posted a comment earlier. not sure if you have already read it. i realized i didn't include my email address - it's cates1105@yahoo.com/ my twitter account is catesforteza (i also follow you).


joyskidooper said...

Amazing! More! More!

sioMai said...

Thank you so much Ms. Jen! You're blog brought such inspiration to us--wherever that may be coming from. Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! :)

*MrsMartinez* said...

Such a talented kid!


Conchita said...

aryanna should have her own blog with all her drawings!

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi Erika Bianca,

Aryanna here! I used Letraset Tria Markers since they have a SUPER BRUSH NIB that gives a paintbrush effect. For the other parts, I used Promarkers. They have a nice selection of Skin Tones and Pastel colors. They don't run out of ink as fast compared to the Tria's. I do recommend using COPIC markers though-- they have the best quality of colors and ink! I use COPIC Ciao's to be specific. (COPIC Sketch are best since they hold more ink.) COPIC has a way more awesome SUPER BRUSH NIB since it's much smoother and ink stays wet longer. However, if you have a slightly tight budget, I suggest starting out with a couple of Tria Letraset markers to get the feel. Hope that helps. :3

You can buy Tria's and Promarkers at Fully Booked or National Bookstore. For COPIC's, you'll need to buy them online or abroad. :)

,Aryanna. <3

shirleylim26 said...

Aryanna is a natural artist! :)

Gracie said...

Hi Jenni!

Aryanna's drawing is awesome! I wanted to ask her if she knows where to get refills for Tria markers? My boyfriend has been extremely supportive of my hobby, since I sketch too. He just got me a set of lovely Tria markers and I was wondering if you guys knew where to get refills? Thanks so much!

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