Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sharing my good fortune


I'm glad I ate tikoy and wore red during Chinese New Year because I've been lucky since! I have to thank my friends Trish (please check out and Ric for giving Aryanna and me their VVIP tickets to Janet Jackson's concert! You guys made us so happy! *screams*

Before going to the concert, I gave Aryanna a crash course on Janet Jackson and her music. Unfortunately, there was very little time for my daughter to absorb Ms. Jackson's career so she just went with me with an open mind. Haha!

The moment we walked in PICC, we immediately felt the excitement of everyone! As soon as the video started (yes, there were short videos in between JJ's performances as intermission numbers. They were a bit weird and narcissistic but I enjoyed it!) people chanted "Janet! Janet! Janet!..." and while all eye were on stage, JJ came out at the side of the stage and walked through the crowd! Wild! How's that for "Up close and personal"?

JJ sang her all-time hits, danced her signature moves, and gave the crowd a good show! I was on my feet most of the time and danced all night long! Even though JJ lip-synced, I am grateful that I was able to see her perform live! Her songs brought back so many beautiful memories. I love you for that, JJ!

Because sharing is caring...

The lucky ones
The longest line! Aryanna and I did not complain because we were grateful just to be at the concert!
Full house!

From left: JM and Aryanna
Again, I was lucky to be seated next to my friend  JM Rodriguez, Channel Head at Channel V slash Janet Jackson's substitute back-up dancer! Haha! Memorize pa rin nya ang step ni Janet! Wow!

Will the real Ms. Jackson please stand up? Tessa Prieto-Valdes was NOT prepared. LOL

*crowd goes wild* First outfitey: Space Odyssey
Second outfitey: Lilac gown with studded shoulder pads
Shoezey: Looks like Louboutin
Boom! There it is!
Love the chain bracelet!

The crew:

\m/ I loved the rock number that the band played during one of JJ's costume changes, especially the guitarist's licks! \m/
\m/ Aryanna thought the drummer was awesome! \m/
Doesn't the male dancer in the middle look Pinoy? Or maybe Japanese?
Third outfitey: Sparkly tuxedo-like vest + Boots Anson Roa
Fourth outfitey: Studs and buckles—my favorite!
Ang saya!
People of all ages and races danced to Janet Jackson! Aww...
Finale! JJ in an all-white outfitey!
The happy campers!:D:D:D
Concert = Mom and daughter bonding time

Now that I've seen Michael and Janet Jackson perform live, abutan ko pa kaya si Paris? *legs crossed*

Shoppingero/shoppingera, how do you feel about singers lip-syncing during a concert?


AVA T.♥ said...

the concert looks awesome!! too bad i wasn't able to watch. But you and aryanna look happy and fasssyyoon!:)

Anonymous said...

Great pics!
i was there at the concert.
i don't think she lipsynched. Rather she sang live with some pre-recorded live vocals playing along so there were some parts were you can here her prerecorded vocals more loudly. The verses were mostly live. I had a great time!

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi Anonymous!

I guess some singers, like what you wrote, "prerecord" their songs to preserve the quality of their voices during a concert. Anyway, like you, my daughter and I had a blast too!

It's amazing though that before the "prerecording" era, how James Brown and Tina Turner did it—sang and danced and you actually heard them pant after every number.

Thanks for your comment!

faith02 said...

okay one word: JEALOUS!
you are lucky indeed ms.jenni :)

Anonymous said...

I saw your pics on mediatakeout with their watermarks. I wonder if you allowed them to use your photos.

fleur said...

Ms. Jenni, i love your legs ha!! =) I wish ganyan ang legs ko! =)

Jenni Epperson said...


Try mo FitFlops!

Phoebe On A High said...

Aryanna is so pretty like her mom! Very stylish too! I wish to have a daughter as beautiful and talented as your daughter. I've been style-stalking you in Preview and Cosmo mags :)


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