Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking for prom dresses?


I just received an invitation from our friends from The Ramp Crossings:

Vania Romoff takes on The Ramp

Always on the lookout for designers with fresh perspectives on fashion, Xandra Ramos-Padilla General Manager of The Ramp Crossings, was instantly taken by the striking designs of Vania Romoff during the launch of Preview’s Emerging Fashion Talent Awards. After all, The Ramp Crossings has been the launch pad of many young designer ready to wear collections.

“Her pieces stood out because I saw that our shoppers would feel extremely indulged, beautiful and special while dressed up in a Vania Romoff creation.” Says Ramos. “I knew that she would be perfect as our guest designer, as we wanted a very young collection." adds the excited store owner. 

Triggered by a vision of her muse as a young, carefree and eternally romantic character set in a dreamy ball; Vania Romoff produced playful, yet delicately assertive pieces for The Ramp Crossings. Dreamy dresses in a variety of textures and hues reflected the designer’s interpretation of the feminine sense. Because The Ramp Crossings wants more shoppers to enjoy the privilege of owning a designer-made creation, the pieces are more affordable than usual couture work. Perfect for proms, balls and other events, this exclusive, 15 piece limited edition collection also features strong, bright primary colors that highlight the vibrancy of youth while the delicate lace and chiffon pieces evoke an elegant but modern air.

Mark your calendars: If you're looking for prom dresses, check out Vania Romoff for The Ramp Crossings. Her collection will be available for a limited time in The Ramp Glorietta, Shangri-La and TriNoma on February 12.

Shoppingera, what's your dream prom attire? Or if you already had your prom, what was your gown/cocktail dress like?


sioMai said...

I so miss going to the prom. I miss those days when all you have to do is look good and fabulous in one wonderful evening. :)

Mom-Friday said... prom was eons ago!!!
Really digging the billowy silhouette of the pink one and the sleek cut of the aqua number. But don't you think it's way tooooo short for a prom dress? :) Or maybe i'm just a 'manang' forver...? hehehe...

chloe said...

I love her unique collection! Too bad I wasn't able to go to the launch yesterday due to my work. More power ms jennie! :)

chloe said...

i love the colors of her collection! :)

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