Wednesday, March 30, 2011

8 Ways To Dress Slimmer This Summer


It’s that time of year again to shed the jackets and wraps.
It's time to take it all off for the summer.

Don't let the heat dampen your style.
If there's a will (to look stylish), there's a way... 8 ways, as a matter of fact, to look slimmer:

Wear Colors

The best way to welcome summer is to incorporate colors into your wardrobe. Bold hues can highlight your best feature, for example, wear a colored top to accentuate your upper body and pair it with a dark-colored bottom if you're bottom-heavy.

Stylish Necklines

To better frame your face, use stylish necklines.  Cowl, v-neck or sweetheart necklines are your best friends. Stay away from scoop, boat, and off-shoulder necklines which broaden the look of the shoulders.  Vertical embellishments such as small pleats (tuxedo-style shirts) to simple necklines can draw attention away from an ample chest.

Wear Sleeves

Cover up batwings with 3/4-length sleeves. Cap sleeves can make your arms look bigger.  Draw attention to the wrist with a giant bangle.

 Boot Cut vs. Skinny Jeans and A-line vs. Pencil cut skirts

Skinny jeans are not for everyone.  They tend to expose imperfections in the legs and play up the width of the hips and a less-than-perfect bottom.  Instead, go for boot-cut jeans, which accentuate the thigh and balance the width of the hips with the length of the legs.

Same goes for skirts — an A-line skirt works better if you are bottom heavy, pencil-cut skirts accentuates it.

Accessorize Big Time

Think of accessories as your "flaw amulet" — they can draw attention away from the negative.

This season, wide-brimmed hats are hot!

If you must wear black... Keep it short and sweet!

If there's anyone who understands the need to wear black (even under the scorching sun), that would be me! I wore just black, rain or shine for three years! LOL

When it comes to your LBD for summer, keep it short and look for fun details like fringes, feathers, or clustered rosettes to give your outfit a "summery" feel.

If you must wear a jacket... Keep it light and add shoulder pads!

Choose cardigans or jackets in light "airy" fabrics.

Even out your frame by adding shoulder pads to your blazer.

If you want to rock the jumpsuit trend... Cinch the waist or go monochromatic!

Create an hourglass silhouette by wearing a belt. Elastic-back belts are making a big comeback!

If you are large up top, a broad belt that cinches in the waist defines a waist. A thick (not thin) belt works because it give definition to your torso and has corset-like properties.

Embrace your curves rather than hide them with a loose baggy top.

To create the illusion of long limbs, stick to monochromatic jumpsuits with a garter waist.


1. Choose the right size. Wearing baggy clothes will make you appear bigger than you really are.
2. Invest on a good body shaper garment. The best ones are the "All-in-one" shapers, they cover the waist down to the end of the thigh.
3. "Attitude" is the best accessory! In the end, what's important is to have fun dressing up. A smile can also "brighten" any outfit!

Photos provided by Sinéquanone, available in Rustan's

Shoppingera, it's never too late to get fit for summer... For life!


Lesley said...

Beautiful pieces, well-styled, lovely photos! Such an eye candy :) I used to shop for Sinequanone in Singapore during sale season. Sakto, I'm shopping for clothes today! I'll check out Sinequanone in Rustan's :)

sioMai said...

Lovely photos, Ms. Jen! :) I'll try to check them out this weekend.

giuliana said...

thanks for the tips, ms.jenni! i still have the extra weight i gained during the christmas season and im soo dreading summer...ill follow your tips and will cap everything with the right attitude! thanks again! :D

artemis said...

i am so glad to affirm through your tips that i have good fashion sense because i practice all the fashion tips you stated in your entry. but the accompanying pics are such a big help too even for an OC nit-picky dresser that loves to dress like me. thanks for all the tips!♥

Telai Jarabelo said...

This is very helpful!

I'm a big girl. 5'2" and a size 16! But I like dressing up. A lot of times though, I end up as a walking fashion faux pas because I keep forgetting how to flatter my body type.

Hopefully, I'll be able to remember and apply the tips you shared here so I can have a fabulous summer!

Who knows... I might even do a blog entry of the clothes I'll wear in my coming trips, as inspired by this blogpost!

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