Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plato-Platuhan for Babies


Some days are extra special, especially when we receive gifts for baby Dylan! The folks at Youji&Me sent my baby his first complete set of plato-platuhan! Yay!

Even before I met the owners, Jasmine and Jehremee of Youji&Me, their shop has always been one of my favorite baby stores. (In fact, I even had my baby registry at their boutique.) Dylan's baby bottles are Nuby from Youji&Me (thanks to Lounell) and one of his strollers is a Silver Cross, also available at their shop. They have the coolest baby stuff!

Thank you, Jasmine and Jehremee!

Check out Youji&Me's newest Richell For Babies products:

Richell For Babies Feeding Set

As of now, Baby Dylan is still "Señorito" Dylan — he refuses to hold his own feeding bottle and vegetable sticks! Haha! I will keep the Richell for Babies Snack Cups for now and will bust it out when he's in pre-school.

From left: Snack Cup for Stick Snacks and Snack Cup for Small Snacks
Unlike similar items in the market, Richell For Babies Snack Cups also come with a lid so crumbs don’t end up in diaper bags and snacks don’t get “kunat” easily.
New! Mugtre from Richell For Babies. Support drink training for your little one. Safety valve prevents spills, even when Mug is tipped. When lever is opened, air pressure prevents liquid from coming up the straw.
As spout remains open, the valve works to keep liquid contained. Only slight spills even when mug is tipped.
I'm sure that in a few years, Dylan will start making his own brown rice onigiri just like "ate." For now, according to Aryanna, "The Rice Ball Maker is mine! Muwahahaha!"

A must-have for babies and mommies
I hope Jasmine and Jehremee don't mind me sharing their letter. Read the "P.S." part... Now who's excited?

Tune in for Richell For Babies giveaways!

All Richell For Babies products are BPA-Free.

* Richell For Babies products are available at Youji&Me, 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5, Rustan's, The Landmark, and Robinsons

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who wants to win Richell for Babies products from Youji&Me?


iamjillyace said...

I'm eggzited with the giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda naman ng handwriting sis :P I hope i get to win giveaways din so i can try it for our baby:) We've been hearing a lot about their store lately.

apples & dumplings said...

Oohh Richell! I always check their items at Youji and Me. Excited with the giveaway!!! :D

ceemee said...

These are all so cute!!!

Liz said...

I didn't know about this store until tonight. I will visit the store one of these days to check out their stuff. Their products look great!

Anonymous said...

BPA-free? very important!

Kelly Chan said...

me! me! me! pick me! for my 5 month old baby Kaiser. :)

Jenni Epperson said...

To "Anonymous"

No worries, all Richell For Babies products are BPA-Free.

Gene said...

those onigiri makers are a must, I bought some triangular molds but their too big for my toddler.

miles said...

Hi Jenni.
i don't have any children but i love the rice ball maker ha..ha..

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