Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Elements of Cool


Me: "Hun, in your opinion, what clothes make a guy cool?"
Tom: "If you're going to dress up, dress it down with a pair of cool sneakers."
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "Clothes that look worn-in. Anything "new"-looking looks trying hard."
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "Well, I'm not a big fan of bright colors. So muted colors for me are cool. If I have to wear bright colors, I'd wear a jacket so only a portion of it sticks out.
When it comes to surfing, bright colors, even neon, work. Colors go well with a tan. It makes a guy look more rugged and "healthy" too.
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "Formal wear is a whole different ballgame. You gotta look slick. The suit has to fit you well. Ill-fitting suits look frumpy."
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "You gotta have a signature look. I like wearing quirky socks."
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "Invest on the classics. Add a bit of trend once in a while."
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "My mantra is: If you wear something that draws too much attention from everything else you're wearing, lose it!"
Me: "What else?"
Tom: "You know what's really cool?"
Me: *Beams* "What?"
Tom: "If you let me get back to work."
Me: "Cool."


Steve McQueen

Clint Eastwood

Jack Nicholson

 From left: Johnny Depp and Marlon Brandon

James Dean

Elvis Presley


Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S '10

Checks and stripes work if you keep them color coordinated.
Accessories add a "cool" factor to the ensemble: White necktie and a worn in leather man bag
Light colored suit + Breton stripes + Sneakers = Cool summer suit
Use colors sparingly
Go for monochromatic attire
Dress down your ties with cool kicks
A textured suit add character. Keep the tie plain.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, when was the last time you've updated your (your partner's) wardrobe?

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Joan said...

I loved reading this. nakakatuwa kayong dalawa.:)

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