Saturday, March 19, 2011

"You Put Your Left Knee In"


Tom: "Hun, do you feel this?"
Me: "Whoa. It's big."
Tom: "It's gotten bigger, huh? It's painful."
Me: *Rubbing... Touching...* "It's huge!"

Aryanna walks in the room...

Aryanna: *Gasp* "What are you guys doing?"

OK, take your minds out of the gutter. It's not what you think! LOL. Aryanna walked in on us while I was checking the cyst (benign) on Tom's knees.

A few years ago, Tom had a knee surgery and every once in a while, it would get inflamed and sore. According to Tom's "knee" doctor, Dr. George Canlas (he's the best Sports doctor medicine in the Philippines), he has osteoarthritis — it happens sometime to people who engage in high-risk sports that involve rapid cut-and-run movements of the knee — football or tennis, for example — means an individual is more likely to develop water on the knee.

Tom has been surfing since he was 12 years old. He is an awesome surfer! He has surfed huge waves in Bali and he was also one of the first to surf Cloud 9 in Siargao. He is fearless in the water, but he's like a baby seal when he's sick. *Rolls eyeballs... shakes head*

That's Tom surfing a 10-foot or a "double over head", 150-meter long wave in Bali! It's massive! Haay!

Like what I wrote in my previous post, we played hookie last weekend on the kids and took the morning off from parenting duties to go to St. Luke's.

The lovely St. Luke's Medical Center at Bonifacio Global City:

Tom chatting with Dr. George Canlas, St. Like's Center for Sports Medicine (PCSM) head and Sports medicine specialist. He's also a surfer like my husband.

Dr. Canlas is the doctor to the sports superstars.

Surf talk. They talked about waves, surfboards, and more waves.

OK! Enough distractions. It's time to face the music, Tom.
Dr. Canlas, preparing to extract the fluid in Tom's knees. Once the fluid is extracted, it gives Tom instant relief!

No pain, no gain...

Tawa-tawa ka pa, ha... O, bakit seryoso?... Araaaaay! LOL

Naku po, hindi na kinaya! Haha!
Dr. Canlas extracting the fluid from Tom's knees.
Check out the fluid!
Tom looks happy and relieved! Thank, Dr. Canlas!
For years, Dr. Canlas has been recommending several exercises to strengthen Tom's knees, but my husband can be quite
stubborn and "forgets" to do them. This time, he attempts to do some knee exercises in front of me. Pakitang gilas po.

More pakitang gilas:

Sige, takbo-takbo ka pa dyan!
Ako din, nagpapakitang gilas. Haha!

When it comes to any sports-related injuries, sprains, and strains, Dr. George Canlas is your man.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what kind of sports would you want to try this summer? 


ceemee said...

Funny post! The extraction looks really painful!

Sheena said...

"Ako din, nagpapakitang gilas. Haha!"

you are funny! effortless. love your blog!

Sheena said...

"Ako din, nagpapakitang gilas. Haha!"

you are funny! effortless. love your blog. :)

larraineBee said...

i remember the time my cyst had to be extracted from my left foot. i was in fifth grade then. it was a little painful and i don't want that to happen again! haha!

artemis said...

thank you for giving our friend George some "plugging"-hehe-on your blog. aside from him being our doctor for our umuugod-ugod na katawans, he is a long time friend & barkada of my hubby. but he really IS magaling naman.
been following your blog for a couple of years now & this is the first time i have commented. keep bloggin' what you blog! :D

Caeyo said...

Hahaha! That was funny. Cute couple. :)

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