Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You're the Wang!


I've been a fan of Alexander Wang from day one because of his cool, urban style. His clothes has a lot of utilitarian references, something that I've always loved. In my opinion, his strength as a designer is in his ability to mix high style with low-key and casual with dressy.

I have a few T by Alexander Wang pieces and they are the one of most comfortable designer clothes I have. They are made from the thinnest cotton yet feels luxurious when worn. I wish T by Alexander Wang is available in Manila.

For Fall, the "Wang" is introducing men’s ready-to-wear.

Here's a sneak peak:

Hello leatherrr!

“As for the new Alexander Wang vibe, it's all about a certain urban, nonchalant cool. Or, as the designer likes to say, it's about the ‘M.O.D.,' or Model Off-Duty.”
—WWD Staff WWD
        “When I started out, I wanted to pick one familiar item that evoked luxury—cashmere was perfect. But moving forward, I want to make it more of a lifestyle brand. I kind of want to be the new Theory.”
—Alexander Wang Time Out New York


Remember Tom's "The Elements of Cool"? One word: "Nonchalant"

Shoppingero, according to Tom, remember that when dressing up, dress down.

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thepurpleman said...

nonchalant attitude to fashion has a long way to go and Wang has it...

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