Thursday, March 10, 2011

The "Cherry on Top of our Häagen Dazs"


Three days and two nights in Hong Kong with KC was fun, exciting, productive, and therapeutic! More than the fabulous shopping experience, this getaway gave us the chance to bond again with each other. It made us realize that despite our busy schedule, we are "connected" in spirit and through our Blackberry phones. LOL

KC and I are both dreamers and achievers and no matter how wonderful our partners are, they will never grasp why the choice of Chucks over Loubs are crucial. Haha!

Spending time with a friend who you love, support, and complement you, can give you a sense of playful freedom, often bringing out a side of you that you (almost) forgot was there.

My dear KC, thank you for a memorable trip! This is only the beginning of our other great adventures!;P

Because sharing is caring...

One of the things KC and I have in common:

We both like coffee and ice cream and together, they are the best combo!

We flew Cathay Pacific Business Class on our way to Hong Kong and it a was lovely flight. On our way back to Manila, Cathay Pacific upgraded us to First Class! I believe that it was KC's Asian Miles card that was the culprit. Yay!

Allow me to share our experience flying Cathay Pacific in First Class (minsan lang 'to, at least for me):

Class na class: Each passenger gets his or her own cabin. First Class features a wonderfully big bed – 81 inches long – that will remind you of sleeping at home. And when you awake, a press of a button will transform it into one of the most comfortable seats in the sky, with massage function, extendable side seat, drop-down armrest, and all the adjustments you could want for a pleasant journey.
Reminds me of Powerplant Mall's love seat in the cinema. Popcorn na lang ang kulang!
Mimosa before take off. Why not?
Assorted dimsum and sticky rice with pork wrapped in a lotus leaf. Yum!
Cathay Pacific website perfectly describes the experience we had: Think of our First Class as a suite, rather than a seat. With more personal space than ever before, there's even enough room to invite a guest. Awake, you'll enjoy a comfortable seat, exceptional food, incredible entertainment, and mood lighting to enhance your flying experience. Asleep, you'll dream in one of the biggest beds in the sky. And always, our attentive staff are at your beck and call.
Hi seatmate, er... suite mate! KC sporting an Hermés striped cap, Burberry coat, and Jeffrey Campbell slouchy boots. She's so kyoot!
Ready for take off!

My HK getaway with KC was exactly what I needed to recharge. I'm more inspired than ever! A little dose of girl bonding, shopping, and "First class" treatment can do wonders to a mom balancing family and fashion! LOL

Thank you KC for a super fun trip! I love that our HK getaway was beyond shopping. You're the best travel buddy! Alam mo yan!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what do you do to recharge your creative batteries?


marissa hortillas said...

i go to the Trappist monastery in .guimaras for a little peace and quiet. The monks have a vow of silence so you just have to talk to the birds!

Jenni Epperson said...

To: Marissa Hortillas

Wow! That's amazing! I'll look into that.

Thanks for sharing!

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