Friday, March 4, 2011

Eat my wallet


I love shopping with my daughter Aryanna! While roaming around Rustan's, she found the kyootest things she doesn't need (but claims she does) but want:

Yummy Pockets Peanut Butter and Jelly wallet
Yummy Pockets Hotdog pencil case
Yummy Pockets chocolate chips coin purse
Yummy Pockets taco wallet
Yummy Pockets chocolate bar
Poch III is made from food grade silicone, harmless to health. It's softness, durable, flexible, and non-toxic.
Poch III silicon coin purse
I bought the black Poch III sunglasses/wallet pouch for myself. I love the matte jet black color!

*Yummy pocket wallets and Poch III silicon wallets are available at Rustan's Makati

Shoppingera, how often do you buy things you don't need but want?


AVA T.♥ said...

waah! SO kyot indeed! I'm a mom already, but I can't help it when I see these cute things. :) I hope that doesn't make me immature =p I love how you and your daughter shop together :)

Joan said...

Oooh.. loving the pbj wallet. hehe..

Dieterang Pinay said...

i want those! hahaha, i often buy things that i don't really use :(

mario jr said...

I often buy things that I dont really need (mostly clothes). At first few moments, parang i dont feel the guilt. But as days goes by, I say to myself "OH NOSE!!! LOTS OF CLOTHES!!!" Haha.. Guilty! :)

Anonymous said...

mehn! those wallets are so kyoot. how much are the coin purses?

C h e l l o g s said...

i definitely don't need more clothes, but when i get to the mall i just can't help myself.

the accessories too... the earrings, and the watches!

Em Vale said...

how much for the poch ? :)

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