Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fluo Satchels


Those who are close to me will tell you that I've slowly injected colors back into my wardrobe. There was a time when I wore only black. I'm not sure though when I'll be ready to wear neon-colored clothes, but I will definitely start using fluorescent-hued accessories this summer!

"Let's get loud!"
Kate Spade Essex Scout bags are available in big and small sizes
Kate Spade ad campaign featuring red head Bryce Dallas Howard wearing the newest collection of KS Scout Essex bags!

If you're ready to add bright accessories into your wardrobe, below are some ideas on what to buy.

Here are the hottest and brightest bags for summer:

Kate Spade Essex Scout

I spotted some Kate Spade Essex Scout bags in Rustan's Makati. If you run now, you'll probably get the last few shoulder bags left! The KS Essex Scout bag (big) costs around P19,900+.

If you want a more affordable satchel and "way cooler" according to Aryanna *rolls eyeballs*, consider the Cambridge satchel. It's around P5,000-P9,000, depending on the size. You can buy them at Madison shop, 2/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell. As of the moment, Madison only sells the classic Cambridge colors. Ask the sales staff when their flou-colored satchels/batchels will arrive.

New! Cambridge satchels
The stunning fluorescent Green 13" satchel is suitable for an anyone to use as a summer handbag. Those seeking a trendy bag will stand out with this beautiful and vibrant bag. This bag adds a splash of colour to make any outfit complete.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who's ready to wear neon?


Roma said...

It's a little sad though that the Kate Spade website has the Essex Scout in neutral colors lang (not that it's a bad thing) They do have the small Essex in brights naman.

The Cambride bag looks way cool nga, thank you for posting these. Do they ship internationally?

P.S. Your blog is just dripping with awesomesauce.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to buy the big essex bag but yes, i wanted the bright pink one. Ms Jen have you ever bought from The Cambridge Satchel Company? I know they ship internationally but Im worried about the system when the bag gets here. Harangin ba ng customs or is there like a JohnnyAir service from there to here na wala ng pangungurakot ng customs?

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