Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brunch: Something Lite


Good morning!

Partied last night?

No matter how painful your hangover is or how bad your cravings are, do not succumb to these:

Instead, eat this:

Remember, beach season is a few weeks away!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what preparations have you done to get into shape this summer?


Mom-Friday said...

I thought at first all the pics above are your food! :)
We always have Century Tuna in our pantry,great for sandwich and pasta. In case you have time to visit my blog, Yoshinoya's Lent offering, Century Bangus Kabayaki is super yummy!

ceemee said...

I buy this Century Tuna variant and always have it in my pantry. It's a staple for my family for omelette, like momfriday said for pasta and sandwiches.

ceasar salad said...

i was about to give in to my crazy cravings, buti na lang i browse at your site muna, it made me think twice! ma-open nga yung century tuna! :)

thanks for sharing :)

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