Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reader's Recipe


I am excited to share with all of you an email I received from another amazing reader!

Please read the telenovela she wrote me! Naiyak, natawa, nagulat, at napahalkhak ako ng bonggang-bongga! 

This will only take a minute of your time... If you know how to speed read. Haha! 

Hi Ms. Jenni,

Mabuhay from Beijing, China!

First of all, thank you for sharing all your easy-peasy and scrumptious recipes! I love each and every one of them. Geez, you made my "kitchen experience" an interesting one. Kasi before, I felt that my cooking and my dishes were too boring. Kahit sa presentation man lang, talo! Haha. That is why I religiously follow your blog since you started posting all your recipes and how you prepare them with all your creativity and love.  

I was also relieved that you transferred your blog in Blogspot. I don't know if you remember but I always complain to you on Twitter na di ko ma-open ang Multiply site mo despite the fact that I have a paid VPN just to get through all the blocked websites here in mainland China. Naloloka talaga ako and I always have a grumpy face pag hindi ko na o-open ang site mo noon. Kaya pati ikaw, kinukulit ko ng todong-todo! Haha.

So anyway, since today, you have a new blog entry and you asked us kung ano-anung recipes ang na try namin, here are a few of my contributions. Actually, since I religiously follow your blog, lahat-lahat(!) ng recipes mo na try ko nang lutuin, except the ones with tofu. Hindi kasi ako maka-tofu na tao eh. Kahit sabihin na natin nasa China, di ko pa rin siya like. I guess, trip-trip lang yan, di ba?! Haha!

Here are my top three favorites sa mga recipes mo (in order, #1 being the best):

1. Honey Glazed Chicken (because mukha siyang junk food, so if I'm craving for some junk foods ito na ang best (& healthy) alternative ko...haha)
2. Anchovy & Garlic Pasta (kasi kung may tirang isda sa ref namin, instant pasta dish na ang drama nag level up ang isda sa production ko...haha)
3. Glazed Beef & Veggie meatloaf (because I will never go hungry for the next two days sa dami ng nakakain ko! haha) 

I am sending you five pictures of your recipes, sana marami pa yan kaso sa sobrang gutom at napapasarap talaga ako minsan, nakalimutan kong picturan! Waaa. I have yet to try yung Argentina Corned Beef and Potato Hash Stuffed Bell Peppers mo. Hinihintay ko pa kasi ang monthly rasyon ng Filipino products galing sa Nanay ko. =D Wala kasi kahit isang Filipino store sa Beijing kaya best in demand talaga ang beauty ko sa lahat ng nami-miss kong pagkain sa Pinas. So last time, I asked them to send me Argentina Corned Beef  dahil you posted that recipe. Again, let me say, I religiously(!) follow your recipes... Haha!

Honey Glazed Chicken
Anchovy and Garlic Pasta
Beef and Veggie Meatloaf
From left: Biscuits with White Gravy and Ginger Garlic Fried Rice

Since you have been sharing your family recipes with us, your readers, please accept my own recipe, as my way of thanking you. Warning: This is not really a healthy one pero kung gusto mong mag cheat from your diet, carry on na! Kung ayaw mo, gawin mo na lang excuse si Aryanna... Waaa!

Here's my Black Sambo (parang chocolate mousse s'ya ;)) recipe:
For white:
6 sachets of Knoxx unflavored gelatin (you can use any unflavored gelatin if you want to) dissolved in one cup of hot water 
1 can condensed milk
2 small boxes of Nestlé cream

For black (chocolate):
6 sachets of Knoxx unflavored gelatin dissolved in one cup of hot water
1 big can of evap milk 
1/4 cup of Hershey's chocolate syrup (if you want your chocolate darker, you can make it up to 3/4 cups ;)) 

How to make it: 
Combine all "the white" ingredients first. Then place it in a deep, triangular size container. Note: Do not fill up the whole container because "the black" will be the other half to fill it up. Then cool it in the fridge for a few minutes, until the mixture has become solid. 

So when the mixture has become solid, mix all "the black" ingredients. Note: Do not mix "the black" if the white one has not turned solid. Then place "the black" mixture on top of the white. Again, cool it in the fridge for a few minutes until the mixture turned solid. When the whole dessert chilled, it's all ready to eat. It takes around 30 minutes or less for the whole process.  

*I sent a picture of the dish, kaso hindi siya close-up. It was one of my desserts on my birthday last March 20. Kung may nakikita kang brown & pink na squares, ito na yun. Just to give you an idea of what it looked like. ;)

I hope you will like it ahhh. :))

My dearest Dinah,

I was overwhelmed by your email. Who knew that by sharing my recipes online, I would be able to inspire a reader all the way in Beijing? You inspire me!

I still can't believe that you documented all the food that you cooked and that were inspired by my recipes! Some of those dishes were from two years ago pa! Awesome sauce!

So, ikaw pala ang head ng "Complaints Department" ng Twitter! Haha! Thanks to you and my other readers, I moved to Blogger — it's one of the best things I've done!

Tanong ko lang: Uhm, Dinah... How come you cooked four big aluminum pans of the Beef and Veggie Meatloaf? Pinagkakakitaan mo ba ang mga recipes ko sa Beijing? LOL

Thank you for your Black Sambo recipe! I'll ask Aryanna to make them. She's our resident dessert-maker.

Belated happy birthday! As my birthday gift to you at dahil sa effort na ipinakita mo — ang luto-lutuan portion mo, I will ask Century Tuna and Argentina Corned Beef for a gift pack so that your mom can send you more Pinoy rations and you can cook some of the new recipes I will be posting! Humanda ka! Haha!

Here's wishing you the best in love and life!


Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep sending me food shots inspired by my recipes. I'll blog them!


dinhsvenz said...

Oh-my-gulayyy! Akala ko portion lang ang mapo-post, ang whole nobela ko talaga...hehe! Salamat talaga. All the best! mwah!

To answer your question: Mga patay gutom kasi ang mga kasama ko sa bahay, kaya ganun kadami ang naluluto ko ;)

mitch_casas said...

very true, your personalized table settings and recipes are very inspiring and very duable ms. jenni. thanks for sharing. :)

mitch_casas said...

btw, ms. jenni, all the stuff you blog are great for me. i will be your forever reader of your blogs. thank you. :D

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