Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Tourists


KC and I arrived in Hong Kong hungry! Haha!

We asked the hotel concierge for a good (and close by) dimsum brunch place and he recommended Cheers Restaurant at Windsor House building.

There were two restaurants that served dimsum but we gravitated to the one where there seem to be more locals eating.

The venue:

Cheers Restaurant, Windsor House Building - they serve brunch till 2pm for a discounted price.
Well, hello there! We were the ONLY tourists eating at Cheers or at least it seemed like we were the only Filipino customers. Very cool.

The challenge: Ordering in Cantonese! Haay! The last thing two hungry ladies need is to order using sign language! Haha! How does one order Xiao Long Bao using hand gestures? Mahirap s'ya day! Try mo!

Like what I wrote earlier, our HK trip was full of lovely surprises! A Chinese couple visiting from Canada noticed our ordering "dilemma" and went out of their way to help us. God was watching over us—thank you for our guardian angel who spoke both Cantonese and English! 

The table setting:

Hello! You look better with food.

The menu and order sheet:

The menu the waitress originally gave us was in Chinese. Thanks to the helpful couple beside our table, she requested for an English version for us. You can tick off the photos if you don't understand Chinese. If not for the couple who helped us order, we would have put a check on ALL the pictures!

Century eggs
Since KC is pescatarian, she starts with this dish. I think she was quite happy devouring the eggs as I don't eat them.
Seaweeds with sesame seeds
Again, solong-solo ni KC etong dish na 'to kasi di ko s'ya type!
Steamed shrimp dumplings
Xia Long Bao
The skin was quite disappointing but the soup inside the dimsum is always a yummy surprise! Keri na!
Mini pork team buns
Because KC doesn't eat meat, solong-solo ko naman ito! Yay! Haha!
Vegetable dimsum in rice wrapper
Hating kapatid kami ni KC dito. Oh, we ordered two... or was it three of the same dish. Very, very PG lang ang dating! LOL
Note to selves: Chili sauce is not soup. Between the two of us, I think we consumed four small bowls of this!

We also ordered other steamed veggies but I wasn't able to take photos because we were deliriously "Tom Jones".

The seatmates:

We were famished, we didn't have the energy to take pictures of ourselves kaya mga bagelya na lang namin!
Say hi to Louis and Celine! LOL

Cheers Restaurant has good food at good prices. It's definitely worth another visit when you go to Causeway Bay area in Hong Kong.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in for more of our HK getaway and beyond!


Kelly Chan said...

HK food is the best! and Cheers is one of my favorite restos there. Wish I could go to HK every weekend. just o eat and shop! haha! enjoy! :)

mitch_casas said...

thank you for sharing ms. jenni. :)

april0584 said...

Thank you po for sharing..the best talaga un mga order niyo. Mga fave food ko yan pag nag ya yam cha kami.Sayang di ko kayo nameet dito:D

Jenn said...

Enjoy your stay... Never mind the feelingeras and palengkeras back home.

Marga said...

Jenni, if you have time, try Five Generations -- its a dessert bar, on Carnavon road (near intersection of Humphreys), Tsim Sha Tsui. The egg pudding is so good!! :) Happy trip!

Louise said...

hope I can bump into you here in HK!!! Want to meet you Jenni! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your escapades with KC. We love her. She's great!

jules67 said...

love the bags :)

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