Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Juma-Japanese + Day 2 Loot


Yes, it's another food blog.

Bawal magbasa ang gutom.

KC and I started our days in Hong Kong late. We were first and foremost on vacation, and shopping, while it is fun and exciting, our days did not revolve around the malls. We just enjoyed our stay in the hotel in the morning and gave each other time to relax and do our usual seremoñas, but once we stepped out of the hotel, we shopped fast and got hungry fast too! Haha!

KC: "What do you want to eat babe?"
Me: "Japanese food!"
KC: "Me too!"
Me: "OMG. I want to eat tempura... sashimi... sukiyaki... wagyu beef."
KC: "Hmm... Yun lang?" *LOL*
The luto-lutuan portion of our trip:

Hakata Ichome Horumone BBQ Restaurant
9/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Wagyu beef for me...
Seafood for KC!
We were lucky to find this Japanese BBQ place as it was located on the top floor of a building. There were a lot of Japanese restaurants in Kyoto Plaza but since Hakata Ichome Horumone BBQ Restaurant was on the top most floor, we figured it's the better resto of the lot. We were right!

Shopping break muna. KC scored at Hermés! She was able to buy the elusive Hermés red Constance wallet!

KC also got the newest Prada denim logo handbag that doubles as a messenger bag too! Deadma lang sha while I was shrieking in the store! Aaaaaahahaha!

Banyo portion, haha!

One of the coolest public toilets can be found at Pacific Place. Check out the curvy architecture of the cubicles! So chic!

Kainan ulit!

KC and I were looking for another Japanese restaurant, but for some reason, we couldn't find it. Instead, our feet (and stomachs) led us to Roka—a trendy Japanese resto serving mouthwatering modern Japanese cuisine. I remember reading about this place in Luxuo Luxury Blog!

According to the restaurant’s manager, the word “ro” in Roka means hearth, or gathering place, and “ka” stands for a burning fire that projects a welcoming and energetic atmosphere, and that’s what most of the menu focuses on. They also have a well-stocked cellar with more than 500 bottles!

The interior was done by Japanese designer Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Studio Glitt
The Roka staff was efficient and professional. A lot of them are Pinoys too!
It's worth going to Roka just for their signature cocktails! The manager suggested the signature mojito for me and I must say, it's the best I've tried! I love that the leaves are sprinkled only on top and not mixed in with the drink. So no need for tinga check. Ew. KC had some kind of strawberry chuchu, masarap din!
Steamed spinach with sesame dressing. This warm salad is so good! I'll try to copy this at home.
Robata: tiger prawns with chili paste. They are like ebi tempura popcorn ! So kyoot! So good!
KC's choice: Gindara Saikyo-Zoku

We actually ordered a lot of food, but after one cocktail drink, I forgot to take pictures of the other dishes! Haha! Anyway, if you visit Hong Kong, try Roka for their delicious food and modern ambiance.

Roka, Pacific Place, LG1, Shop 002, 88 Queensway, Central, Hong Kong.
Phone: +852-3960 5988 or click on
KC says hi!!!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in for the last post on our HK getaway and beyond!


April0584 said...

May ibang public CR dto sa HK may chandelier pa sa loob.
Ask ko lang po. Nagmtr kayo dto or puro taxi?tnx again for sharing

tina vitas said...

Jenni, I love your blog. It marries fashion with food/cooking, travel, entertainment, lifestyle and comedy. :) I'm enjoying the entries. Too bad I only discovered you recently. Oh well, I'm following now.....

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