Friday, March 4, 2011

Ikaw na, Jeremy Scott!


Jeremy Scott is unstoppable!

First, there was his collab with Adidas Originals:

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals JS Wings

Next, he designed these soon-to-be-iconic Swatch watches (remember my post?):

The Jeremy Scott x Swatch is now available at Swatch stores. Don't walk; run as soon as the stores open!

P.S. Thank you Tita Virgie Ramos for making my Jeremy Scott x Swatch dream come true!

 And now this:

Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Spring 2011 sunglasses

It's now or never, Jeremy Scott! I love you!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, which of Jeremy Scott's collaborations you like best?


simply xae said...

miss jen-where to buy po the Js Wings pink shoes.?its super cute..

mario jr said...

the first collab of scoot with adidas originals. i still want the golden (and iconic) winged shoes and this year's fire designed sneaks for spring... (sigh.. if only we have fat wallets! nyahahaha)Oh I love the shutter shades resembling as hands. I do hope the swatch Scott watches will arrive here in cebu. it will be the perfect grad gift. aw.. hehehe. :)))

jenny said...

WOW! Amazing & super cool watch! I have my pink watch from Swatch also but i need to check this new one!!! :)

C said...

I originally wanted Lighting Flash but ended up getting Opulence, it's much more wearable (relatively). It's in men's sizing though so it's loose on my wrist. Kahit maid tawag sa kanya wall clock.

lei said...

I saw Billy Crawford wearing the Swatch White Wings in ASAP Rocks last Sunday!! :)

Sherry said...

Ms. Jenni, check oyt Jeremy Scott x Longchamp!! They're to die for, well at least for me. hehe :))

lei said...

I know someone who bought Swatch Wings. Then less than 24hours, the wings got detached already. He tried to return/exchange the item where he bought it (Megamall branch) but they said the "design" parts are not included in the warranty. Is this really possible?

Anonymous said...

Do check out the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp series...coolness :) especially the pillbox :)

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