Sunday, March 6, 2011



Tea parties are big only in concept in Manila.
Cupcakes are small, but big in the Philippines.

I buy sweets if only to bust out my fine bone China. Haha!

Aryanna's "Take-away" cupcake container. So kyoot!
In reality, she rarely gets to use it because she'll finish the mini cakes before she gets home.
Order now!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what are you craving for?


AVA T.♥ said...

I love cupcakes!:) Well, I don't really love eating them. I love staring at them most of the time :D Love your china, ms. jenni!

jenny said...

Love sweets!!! In Rustans Shangri-La mall there's a store of cupcakes named FROSTING, it's so delicious & you can choose with different flavors. Have you tried there also???

Mom-Friday said...

beautiful, beautiful china!

..:: superFoxy ::.. said...

Natakam ako sa cupcake ;) Pero mas natakam ako sa platu-platuhan :))

Mimi said...

I love cupcakes as well!:)

The take away container is really cute! :)

Remix said...

I like cupcakes but I am craving for macarons! ♥

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