Friday, March 18, 2011

Cool and Comfy


Buying clothes for Aryanna when she was younger was easy. Shopping for baby Dylan is a whole different ballgame. When it comes to dressing up my son, according to Tom, there is a fine line between looking cool and pa-cool. *rolls eyeballs*

My peg when it comes to dressing "cool" is my husband. In my opinion, rock stars and surfers are some of the best-dressed men in my books. I believe that because Tom is a surfer/musician/ photographer, he's got the laid-back look down pat. Cool.

Me: "I'm going to the mall to buy Dylan new clothes and shoes."
Tom: "Maybe I should go with you and help you chose."
Me: "I got this. I know what to get him."
Tom: "Oh-kay..." *Snickering*
Me: "What?" *Annoyed*
Tom: "Jen, just remember, when it comes to dressing up my son there are rules."
Me: *LOL* "What?"
Tom: "Always keep in mind: Must. Maintain. Coolness. At. All. Times."

In the end, the goal is to dress up baby Dylan in stylish but super comfy attires.

Dylan's first Florsheim USA Kids shoes
The leather is ultra soft making it comfy and easy for Dylan to walk in.
Non-skid sole

I bought baby Dylan his first Florsheim USA Kids shoes when he was 6 months old. At first, the shoes were a tad big for him but the velcro straps made them fit snug on his kyoot little feet. At 9 months old, when Dylan was already zipping around the house, the Florsheim shoes I got him fit just right with a bit of allowance to grow in. Now that my boy is 14 months old, it's time for a new pair!

Love them:

  • Buttery soft leather
  • The soles are flexible and non-skid
  • Cool retro styles 

My baby's got brand new kicks!

Other styles:

I'm going to get a pair of sandals for Dylan this weekend in preparation for summer. I like this style as you can adjust the width of the sandals.

Not for Dylan. Haha!
Aren't they the kyootest shoes for girls? Aryanna wanted a pair but they didn't come in her size anymore. Wawa.

If your son has wide feet like Dylan, I recommend this brand.

*Florsheim USA Kids shoes are available at Rustan's Makati

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what do you look for when buying shoes for kids?


Carl said...

Looks like your Dylan's got wide feet.. Tama bah? Hirap ihanap ng shoes na comfy pag wide feet. My son Liam is like that.

Jenni Epperson said...

To Carl:

Yes, he's got wide feet. Florsheim shoes fit him perfectly!

whitechili said...

I bought the silver flats for my daughter, because her fave pair I bought from H&M are already too small. She used them on her birthday. After 2 hours, she was in pain. Her Big ang small toes' (both feet) peeled and are bleeding (i kid u not), the back of her feet same thing.

If only I could return them

Jenni Epperson said...

To "whitechili":

Oh no! Poor baby! I'm not sure you could return it. The return/exchange policy in the Philippines is not like the U.S.

Dylan has two of the Florsheim shoes for boys and they seem comfy on him.

Maybe the girls shoes are different.

Anonymous said...

Hi jen! may I suggest Geox sneakers for kids.their pretty comfy and the foot breathes on it.

And just want to say to keep those food blog coming!! whenever I visit our motherland,I always check your Blog for the new and up coming restaurants. ; )

Ana said...

new here, like your blog a lot. new mommy and relatively new wifey (2+yrs). also got florsheim for my lil' girl. pediped is great when she just started walking.

jillybeans said...

that's my bunso's first florsheim too! exact same style and color! now i feel im a cool mom like you haha

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