Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art Meets Beauty


Shu Uemura has collaborated for the second time with Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa on a limited edition Sakura Collection 2011.

Celebrate the ephemeral joy of spring sakura blossoms with the vivid images created by world-renowned photographer and film maker Mika Ninagawa.

"My favorite flower is the sakura. Japanese is truly beautiful. During the sakura season, 
my heart beats faster with excitement and I can't stop myself from going out. I adore 
sakura. I think the most beautiful thing about sakura is the moment it falls.
Japanese people including myself, are deeply moved by how they blossom 
fleetingly, then their beautiful petals scatter gracefully." 
Mika Ninagawa

ShuUemura celebrates the one-year anniversary of its wildly popular and innovative UV under base mousse by reuniting with Mika Ninagawa for a collaboration on special packaging and an exclusive short film.

Shu Uemura UV under base mousse is as light as air.

Brilliant floral shades such as aura, flashing pink, dawn mauve, oxygen, blue, and yellow ray are as rich and inspiring as the incredible artistic palettes created by Shu Uemura founder and legendary Japanese makeup artist and pioneer Shu Uemura.

Experience the dream-like, kaleidoscopic vision of prettiness captured by Mika's lens.

Behind the scenes:

Photographer and film maker Mika Ninagawa in action.

Mika Ninagawa is Japan's most popular photographer. At once girly and provocative,
her vivid, eye-popping photography of flora and fauna is instantly identifiable.
In Japan, Mika has won acclaim and fans across generations. From art directing her shoots,
to installing her exhibitions and editing her photography books, she maintains a hands-on
approach to expressing her unmistakable "pop and sweet wonderland" style.

The collaboration signature created exclusively for the spring UV under base mousse collection is a symbol of the artistry of two visionary creators: Mika Ninagawa and Shu Uemura. It represents Shu Uemura's never ending pursuit of fusing art and beauty.

The Shu Uemura Sakura Collection will be available this coming April.

Shoppingera, see you at the nearest Shu Uemura beauty counter!

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