Saturday, March 26, 2011



J. Lo has been out of the block for a while.
Then, out of the blue, she appears...

First, as one of the judges on American Idol (and a good one to boot!)
Next, her hit single 'On the Floor,' to date, has 51 million views on youtube and has topped the Billboard charts for weeks!
Now, a "glamom" campaign for Gucci Kids (for charity) with her twins Max and Emme!

J.Lo with twins, Max and Emme for Gucci Kids

Three words: Jenny. Is. Back.

Hibernation can be a good thing.

On that note, see you when I see you!

"Don’t stop keep it moving put your drinks up!"

What can I say, moms "work it" best!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, when was the last time you "hibernated"?

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giuliana said...

hi jenni! to me u r the best glam mom...i want to be like you when i become a mom myself. :D i'm not gonna be the slimmest, but id still like to be beautiful and able to balance everything in my life. i read your blog everyday, i want to check anything new you've posted because your posts always ooze positivity and good vibes. thank you for sharing your life to us, your blog and twitter followers.sometimes when i am so busy and i think i cannot handle things anymore, reading your blog reminds me that "ikaw nga, kaya mo,eh...being a mom/wife/blogger/fashionista/stylist/etc...ako pa kaya na i don't have to balance as many roles as you do?" so thank you again and please please keep posting beautiful articles on ur blog...i especially love the food posts and the new products you introduce! :D :D :D

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