Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A surprise weekend getaway


It all started last week when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to Hong Kong. Hmm... Palaisipan? YES! Actually, our HK trip was long overdue since last year, but after we decided to leave, I realized that my passport was expired! Haaay! Now that I have a new passport and my baby Dylan is in the capable hands of Tom, Aryanna, and our nanny; there is no turning back!

My friend and I decided to leave Tuesday, left on a Friday, and was back Sunday morning!

When in Hong Kong...

As soon as you arrive at Hong Kong airport, grab a fruit shake/juice at Mix for extra energy when shopping!
My friend bought healthy snacks for me. They were all yummy!
Be sure to read South Morning China Post's Going Out and check out special events, shows, and exhibits that's happening in the city.
The newly renovated Parklane Hotel. It's one of the hotels in Causeway Bay that is close to shops like Initial and Ikea. It's also near Fashion Island, World Trade Centre, Lane Crawford, SOGO, Pacific Place, etc.
If you're staying in Parklane, be sure to order room service: French fries, extra crispy with salt and pepper! It's the best!
Also, be sure to scope out your neighbor... Hi friend! Haha!
My best travel buddy, KC Concepcon!

Tune in for more of our HK getaway and beyond!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who's your favorite traveling buddy?


Lana said...

I would have to say my friend Ben. He doesn't mind spending time in each and every store. I have found that most males hate it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Girl bonding! I haven't tried Mix! Is it any good? Ack, I wanna go to HK na tuloy. Hahaha. KC's so pretty, and very blooming as well. Mukhang inspired na inspired ah? Heehee. I hope you can blog about your exchange of heart to heart stories especially now that she is officially in a relationship. :) Did she do some shopping for her boyfriend? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Are you KC's fashion consultant? She dresses so well. Keep up the good work. She's so pretty even without make-up. Blooming na blooming kasi in love. Is Piolo with you when you went to Hongkong?

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