Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Bucketful of Rainbow


Shopping is so much fun when I'm with the kids. Aryanna and I get excited on what goodies (read: art supplies) we'll discover!

During our recent spree at MUJI, Aryanna and I found a bucketful of rainbow and more...

A bucket filled with mini colored pens from MUJI

The "rainbow" in my life:

 Other things that add color to our lives:

Silicone Mini Doughnut Mold
You can ask the MUJI staff for a copy of their Yogurt Doughnut recipe

Cookie Cutters for Dylan
Cool Music Box for girls and boys

Hope this brightens your day:

Aryanna's drawing

MUJI is located at Bonifacio High Street and Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who adds "color" to your life?


Anonymous said...

Dylan is so cute!!! can i virtual squish him? such a darling! and Aryanna's getting pretty everyday.

artemis said...

i love MUJI! most recent acquisition was a guy's white button down shirt which hubby finds sexy so he bought it for me ;D
your kids are adorable...dylan's grown so fast! love the individuality & spirit of your girl aryanna, something i am hoping to instill in mine...rock on momma!♥

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