Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aryanna's anime portrait


I got a call a few days ago from my designer-friend Rajo Laurel after I blogged about the anime speed drawing Aryanna did of me. He asked me if my daughter could make an anime portrait of him too. I told Aryanna about it and she was happy to oblige.

Check out anime Rajo:

So kyoot!

Read Rajo's blog and find out what he had to say about Aryanna's work.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, do you have a caricature drawing of yourself? How did you like it?


AVA T.♥ said...

aryanna is SO talented for her age and I bet will be greater as she gets older :)

LuLu said...

superb.. awesome.. this made me search for those markers. i envy aryanna for being SO SO SO talented.. :) keep it up...

Anonymous said...

hi im inspired with aryanna's art. what kind of markers did she use? she's so amazing. I like sketching too and want to learn how to do it right with colors... thanks so much!

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi "Anonymous",

Aryanna here! I used Letraset Tria Markers since they have a SUPER BRUSH TIP that gives a paintbrush effect. For the other parts, I used Promarkers. They have a nice selection of Skin Tones and Pastel colors. They don't run out of ink as fast compared to the Tria's. I do recommend using COPIC markers though-- they have the best quality of colors and ink! Hope that helps. :3

You can buy Tria's and Promarkers at Fully Booked or National Bookstore. For COPIC's, you'll need to buy them online or abroad. :)

,Aryanna. <3

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