Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brunch: Retro breakfast


When it comes to Sunday brunch, all bets are off and it's all about eating out.

When my family and I are too lazy to cook breakfast, one of the places we go to is Grams Diner. If you ask Tom, he'd tell you that he only goes there because I like going there. Sweet. Aryanna though has a the same answer as me: "We love their home fries!"


Bacon, eggs, and pancakes
The silver dollar pancakes are so kyoot! Aryanna and our nanny love this!
My favorite: Break-the-fast breakfast is Grams' version of steak & eggs — their roast beef served with eggs, toast or rice and gravy. I love that the beef to rice to gravy ration is perfect!
I want to know the supplier of their roast beef because it taste so good! The meat is thinly sliced and tender.
Note to self: Not soup.
The perfect bite.
The best home fries in town!
Ah, we meet again.
The coffee at Grams Diner needs major, major improvement. It tastes watered down. I already told the staff and they said they'll mention it to the owners. *crosses fingers and legs*
Dylan: "What about me?"
Aryanna: "Chuuu!"

Shoppingero/shoppingera, where do you go for fast, filling breakfasts?

*Grams Diner is located at Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center


Mom-Friday said...

First, we just love pancakes too! Kids can't refuse them.
You have a really beautiful family!
Does McDonald's breakfast count? hehe...also love UCC breakfast menu and Gloria Maris congee and dimsum in greenhills.

AVA T.♥ said...

eeeep!! so cute dylan and aryanna!:) and the breakfast post is making me oh so hungrrry!!:)

Beegee said...

I loved your Brunch: Retro Breakfast post. Actually, I'm big on your brunch posts. I've always loved brunches but I think it was only when I started reading your posts that it really became that big of a deal for me. I've discovered lots of great places; some I've tried myself while some are still on my "list". I swear if I see your family brunching somewhere, I'd really go up for a photo op. I think that would be the holy grail of Eppersons photo ops - family at Sunday brunch. :)

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