Friday, January 21, 2011

Balancing family and fashion: Amanda Griffin-Jacob


Did you know? If there was a model who has basically "branded" her smile, that person would have to be Amanda Griffin-Jacob. In the fashion industry, her smile is pegged by many as the "Amanda Griffin" smile — natural and sexy.

I met up last week with the model turned TV host, now, mother to cute baby Kieran (10 months old), and wife to David and we talked about nutrition, exercise, clothes, and babies! It was nice to see Manda again. She is still one of my favorite models and she's a dear friend. She looked happy, healthy, and beautiful as ever. Motherhood becomes her!

Amanda's style = Cotton jumpsuit + Cardigan + Designer bag + Ballerina flats + Classic timepiece & jewelry + Bare-faced

Me: How do you balance family and fashion?

Amanda: I find these days that the fashion must complement the family rather than being the focus. Now my life revolves around my bouncing baby boy. And whether it is breast feeding him or carrying him or chasing after him I need to be comfortable above all else. Of course, I try not to sacrifice fashion completely. My style is simple and to the point. Kind of like me.

Me: You mentioned to me that you gained 60 lbs. during your pregnancy. Please share with my readers how you got back into shape.

Amanda: Yup. I gained a pre pubescent rather than just a baby! Obviously I indulged when I was pregnant. Having had to maintain a certain weight most of my life it was certainly liberating to not adhere to many food rules. I was chastised by my doctor of course, but I ended up with a very healthy baby boy. I also recognized while the numbers were creeping up on the scale that once I gave birth I would have to work my butt off (literally). I resumed my healthy eating, exercise (once my doctor gave me the go signal): hot yoga & a bit of running, and of course breast feeding is a miracle fat burner. I did give up chocolate for awhile though.

Me: Has being a vegetarian helped you lose the post pregnancy weight?

Amanda: Believe it or not, being a vegetarian makes it harder not easier. In order to feel fuller I tend to compensate with more carbs. The trick is knowing which carbs to eat and loading up on protein.

Me: What are your fashion must-haves?

Amanda: I’m obsessed with Club Monaco cashmere leggings. Obviously not for here but when I’m back home in Hong Kong. My Lululemon cardie (I’m always cold wherever I am). My Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots (I’m in love). My nude Miu Miu clutch goes with anything and everything.

Me: Where do you shop and what are your favorite brands?

Amanda: I am a Club Monaco loyalist for sure. I love their simple yet elegant and timeless pieces. I also love Armani Exchange in HK. When I was in between sizes while losing the preggo pounds I was addicted to H&M for their affordable yet trendy items.

Shoppingera, how has your lifestyle changed after having kids?


welladaynne said...

Wow. I've always loved Amanda. Very pretty.

Mom-Friday said...

Her outfit here is soooo me! :) love it!
i had a 180-degree lifestyle change after having kids, esp. in terms of my time, now revolving around theirs. Any time alone, with hubby, or with friends are a luxury now.

mitch_casas said...

hehe. falling stars? while scrolling the mouse, while reading, twinkle my eyes. hehe. playful reader. thanks for sharing. :)

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