Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jennirosity Day! Evening bag + Eau de Parfum


Did I hear you say, "MOOOOOOOORE"?
Fine. I'll give you more!

Keep your comments coming as I'm going to choose another amazing reader of the week!

A friendly reminder: All comments (except evil ones) are welcome. The winning comment could be a witty remark, constructive criticism,  something funny, simple and sincere message or whatever that catches my attention.

I will announce the winner on Monday.

Here's what I'm giving away:

Giorgio Armani Code Eau de Parfum + Navy blue satin evening clutch with tassel
The evening bag is perfect for dates, parties, and cocktails! You can pair it with your favorite LBD, suit, or to glam up your denim jeans at night!

Giorgio Armani Code eau de parfum, 75 ml.
Orange Blossom is the Muse of this creation: a miracle of the nature, the quintessence of femininity. A unique creation reveals this flower's full magic and operates its metamorphosis by the incredibly soft embrace of Madagascar vanilla and a touch of honey. Sambac jasmine, from India, amplifies the radiance and elegance of this celebration of noble materials.

How to join:

1. All you have to do is to leave a comment on my posts. You can also leave a message on my guest book (it's located on the side bar).
Remember: You can leave a comment on ALL of my posts as long as there are no duplicates and only one comment on each post.
2. For security reasons, "Anonymous" comments are welcome but will not be counted for this particular contest. If you don't have a Blogger account (active or not so) you can leave a comment on my cbox guestbook! You just have to sign in with your email address. Your message will be counted (again, no duplicates and one message per person.)
P.S. I will upload a widget soon for those who don't have Blogger accounts.
3. Even though the contest is open to everyone, I will only deliver (via Xend/Air21) the prizes to the Philippines. If you're from abroad, I can send it to your relatives/friends living in the country.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, I'm looking forward to all your comments and messages!


Kessa Thea said...

Awwww, you are so generous to your readers Ms. Jenni. :-) Keep on writing and inspiring others to write. You inspire me to update my blog more often. :-)

Czarina Maye said...

I've been wanting to have that Armani Code for a long time now but my parents always buy the usual like Cool Water or Clinique Happy. :| I need an upgrade! Lol.

chepie said...

Hi Jenni!

i don't remember when i came across your blog. i suppose it was several months ago yet it has become a habit to read your entries. i even linked your blog to mine just so it becomes a daily read together with my friends' blogs.

your blog is a reflection that a woman could possibly have everything --- a happy domestic front, a work she enjoys, hobbies she continue to expand and everyday lessons she could share and move forward.

it's such a joy reading your bonding times with your daughter arianna, your food adventure and experiments (and competitions!) for and with Tom, stories about dylan and of course, your "ME" time, which only proves that even empowered women need some time alone (or with girlfriends!) to enjoy!

thanks for the inspiration! pls continue to touch your readers, especially women because, after all, we can have everything! (so long as we aspire these to happen!)

God bless!

~ Pie

Sunshine & Twinkles said...

Yey!!! Coz it's my birthday on Tuesday!(suddenly na hiya tuloy for the outburst) ahihihi...beautiful beautiful. Good vibes and regards!

Mia E said...

Wow! You're giving away Armani Code! That's my favorite scent - seriously!

I love your blog because it's not just about fashion - it's more about family which i don't really see in most blogs. I think that's why people like your blog because it's s mixture of everything - fashion, family, life and food! Good luck and God bless!

Lhen said...

New reader of your blog here and what a great welcome it would be if I win! ;-) I am absolutely loving your posts so far anyway :) Oh, I love anything blue!

Jennifer said...

hi Ms. Jenni,

your so generous naman ever since. with or without your prizes, marami kang followers on your blog. Even in your simply ways (like blogging) makes a big difference in the lives of your readers and you knew it! Keep it up! Go!Fight! Win!

Shari said...

I really have been a great fan of your blog since you've started in Multiply. I've followed your fashion and life adventures like during Milenyo, when Nina was still your intern, etc. Continue blogging, Ms Jenni!

I'd love to join your giveaway! And what a perfect giveaway indeed since I've wanted a new perfume for this year!

Thought Bubble said...

hi ms jenni,

your blog rocks! coz where else can one read and learn from a blog and then win fashionable items too. ur such a winner! I hope i will be too ;-)

Jen Aquino said...

Ms. Jenni,

Your blog keep me sane.
Whenever I feel that I'm about to lose what is left of my mind, my fingers do the automatic tap, tap, tap and voila, your homepage appears in front of me like magic.

You're such a super Mom. If all Moms are like you, oh my gosh, what a happy, cool and fab world we'll have.

Thank you so much for all the magic you bring! Wonder Jenni!!

Love, love, love,


mav said...

The Clutch bag is so pretty wahh *faints*


roseannregis said...

hi there. I discovered your blog just now, Bubbles Paraiso re blogged your post about the guidelines for a successful and wise 2011 in Tumblr. It was good, really. I became a fan! The list seemed to be simple but those are really the most important things to do all year round!!! :) And I got so excited to see that you are giving away lovely lovely stuffs. Keep on blogging and keep on inspiring people!!! Your blog is like a one-stop shop. Readers like me can read a lot of stuffs from your blog, family, fashion everything. Bloggers like you are blessings to us, bloggers and readers. Thanks!!! I am happy to be following your blog. More posts to come! God bless.

siomai said...

Way to go Ms. Jenni! Keep 'em comin'! Hihi

Pour_Femme said...

Im not into your give away. But I must say you're so fabulous. Nice blog. :p May your life be like toilet paper... Long and useful :)

giday said...

Hi Ms. Jenni,

Im happy to know your site, i am a regular visitor, everyday I am looking forward to your new post, my favorite is when you share your daughter's Aryanna made you an anime caricature, such a sweet daughter.

Being a daughter, I also want to make my mom happy, she celebrated her birthday last January 9, I thought of giving to her the Giorgio Armani Perfume and a clutch if ever I won the contest.
God bless you more and your family.

Rei Ben said...

I only started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and i've been hooked ever since. you gave the word "generosity" a new meaning. Not only you give people valuable informations that they could use in their daily lives, you also give freebies that are, well for me, to die for.haha

your blog, Jenni, is simply amazing. Keep spreading happiness.

lani_d said...

Hi Miss Jenni,

Reading your blog has become my daily habit! You're such an inspiration. I've tried some of your recipes and I'm proud to say that my family loves them.:-)

AyLin said...

Hi Miss Jenni,

I Love your blog, it is so inspirational for me. Reading this blog is included on my daily routine.

More Power and Godbless!

shurlee who? said...

Hi Miss Jenni,

Follows your blog and lovin' it more.

shurlee who? said...

Hi Miss Jenni,

Follows your blog and lovin' it more.

Can't wait for another blog post :D

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