Sunday, January 16, 2011

Work it


Leave it to the hardworking and stylish Olsen twins to come up with a cool collection for the modern working woman.

We can all learn from The Row's Pre-Fall collection on how to look chic and cool from 9 to 5 and after 5.

Pointed flats are the must-haves for work now.

Nude is the new black. 

 The beige and gray combo is genius! I'm thinking, gray suit with nude button down shirt. 
Fur is optional.

Like what I always say, "Denim may be a girl's best friend, but leather is a woman's secret weapon!"

Faux leather pencil skirts and cropped pants are the new basics at work. Pair them with classic button down shirts, blazer and black pumps.

Long, lean silhouettes that are appropriate for office parties and  business cocktails. 

Wide-leg pants and trousers low-waist trousers are the most flattering styles for women who are pear-shaped.

 Game over.

Shoppingera, what have you bought recently to update your work wear?



Mom-Friday said...

JENNI! hindi ako makahabol sa dami ng posts mo! bwahahaha... is lionizing my blog-hopping time! LOL!

back to the post...I'm "in" pala with my fave super comfy and chic red Melissa pointy flats! :)))

Telai Jarabelo said...

Very nice collection from The Row this season! I just wish the weather gets cold in Davao to wear leather, but it's hot enough as it is these days. Although I could probably try a little something with the cropped pants, absolutely perfect for someone whose job takes me all around the city by foot! And flats are the new sky highs! I love it!

Thank you for posting these pictures Jenni. I don't need to consume all my free time to pore over the gazillions of stuff they show for Fashion Week since you post the good stuffs here already! Great job!

Aimee said...

I will start working tomorrow. As in first day talaga after a few months of working at home! And it requires us to wear real office attire unlike in the office I worked for before. So I bought a pair of basic black slim slacks. What are the basic pieces to build a working closet for a back-to-work girl? :D Any recommendations?
P.S. I don't wear skirts. x___x

aurieme said...

True story:
I just ordered shoes online, and after reading your post, I panicked a little because I couldn't remember if I had bought these cute pair of studded pointed flats that were one sale. I scrambled through my emails and found my order verification - yes, I ordered the taupe pointed flats in addition to cute scrunched flats in burgundy and black.

I obviously take your advice seriously.

I still canno

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