Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jennirosity Day! Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture


Don't be alarmed if your comments are not published, I will keep them "hidden" para walang kopyahan! LOL! I will reveal your answers next week!


Because I have the BEST readers and I appreciate all your comments and messages on my guestbook, here's another gift I'm giving away to my chosen Reader for the Week:

Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture eau de parfum spray, 50 ml
BONUS prize: The turquoise embellishment with tassels and charms around the bottle doubles as a bracelet! So kyoot!

The Reader of the Week will receive a bottle of Peace, Love & Juicy Couture eau de parfum spray, 50 ml.

I love the smell of this perfume! I have the eau de parfum spray, shower gel, and body lotion! My husband also loves the smell of it on me! 

If you're looking for a light citrus-y scent, this perfume is for you! The bottle is also fabulous — a diamond-like bottle cap with a metal crest on the body plus, the turquoise bracelet with charms that comes with it is a nice surprise!

The world’s juiciest message is all about peace
and love. And couture of course!

While reminiscing about the splendor of her beach
escape, our lovely girl exclaimed, “This feeling must be
bottled!” Inspired by earthly beauty and far-fetched things,
the free spirited, hippy vibe of Malibu has
been captured!

Our eternal quest for joy and happiness has been
achieved with Peace, Love & Juicy Couture, a whimsical
eau de parfum to bring out your inner flower child.

Drenched in florals, this juicy treasure is an aromatic
revolution. Savor the fusion of freshly-cut blossoms
soaked in natural accents and wildly feminine wood
harmonies. Liberate your senses and celebrate the
freedom of being both hippie and chic!

Give Peace, Love & Juicy Couture a chance!

The ad campaign was photographed by Steven Meisel and features model Daria Strokous.
Scent:  Floral
Notes: Meyer Lemon Tree Blossom, Wild Hyacinth, Sweet Apple Accord, Black Currant (top); Sambac Jasmine, Star Magnolia, Malibu Poppy, Honeysuckle (heart); Sheer Patchouli, Musk, Orris (base)
Available: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml EDT, 7.5ml Rollerball, 6.7oz Body Creme, 8.6oz Shower Gel, 8.6oz Body Lotion

How to join:

1. All you have to do is answer this question:

What makes a person "Juicy" (read: sexy)?

Important: Answer on this particular post only.

Best answer wins!

2. For security reasons, "Anonymous" comments are welcome but will not be counted for this particular contest. If you don't have a Blogger account, you can leave your answer on my cbox guestbook (it's located on my side bar.) Just make sure to sign in with your email address and your message will be counted (only one answer per person and no duplicates.)

4. Even though the contest is open to everyone, I will only deliver (via Xend/Air21) the prizes to the Philippines. If you're from abroad, I can send it to your relatives/friends living in the country.

I will blog about the winner on Wednesday (January 26).

Shoppingero/shoppingera, "Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture" to all of you!

Major, major thanks to Prestige Brands Philippines Inc. Special thanks to Esmeralda Abe and Erben Pilapil for the generous prize!

*Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture is available at Rustan's, SM Makati, The Landmark, Robinsons Place Manila, and Marionnaud at Mall of Asia



psyche said...

what's sexy for me is confidence... and my boyfriend wearing button-fly levi's jeans.

p.s. i love your blog, ms. jenni. i've been following you since mabuhay girl @ multiply

thepurpleman said...

If juicy is sexy, then i might have to connote it with a person of SUBSTANCE - one that has effortless swagger, chic personal style and of course, the witty (smart is sexy) and charming personality that makes him/her a must-have item in your friends list just like "The Jenni Epperson".

God bless you and your family!

marc jefferson said...

i think what makes a person "juicy" is when she puts the needs of others before her own -- like my wife :) she makes sure she takes care of what I (her hubs) needs and our kids (2 boys) that's why i'd like to win this perfume for her. just a little random surprise to take a little stress off her daily routine :) thanks jenni :-D

siomai said...

I was about to read your blog about Juicy Couture last night, which I believe was deleted and posted anew if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, my answer to the question is: A simple smile that could melt anyone's heart would truly make a person JUICY-licious. It doesn't just melts, it could also make your world go spinning.

kristel said...

The confidence that one has exudes by itself. And that's what makes a person juicy. =)

elizar33 said...

When she's wearing Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture eau de parfum! LOL

Seriously though, a woman's scent is important...

Marissa said...

What makes a person "Juicy" (read: sexy)?
For me that will be confidence and absolute acceptance of their body. You know what you are and make no excuses.

katrina anne said...

It's true when they say "My, how sexiness oozes out of her pores!" Being "juicy," as they say in sexyspeak, begins with how you feel about yourself. I've seen a lot of guys and girls who don't score a 10 in the looks department, but more than make up for it in personality, wit, and how they carry themselves. The juicy ones are often the ones who feel comfortable in their skin, radiant in their plain white tank top (or plain V-neck for guys) and rugged jeans. The easygoing ones, so to speak. Aura and disposition really do a lot -- they can make you an eye candy!

jayce said...

You're juicy if you're confidence could not be shattered by anything or anyone.

plengxvi said...

What makes a person juicy is his/her level of confidence and attitude. A person with enough confidence can pull off any outfit he/she wear with that "i'm so hot" vibe.

Anna Liao said...

A person is juicy when she is confident that she is able to pursue her dreams and accomplish her goals, secure of herself and does not depend on the approval of her peers, and resilient. She can bounce back after any fall. There is no one sexier than a positive, kind and loving person. :)

Dieterang Pinay said...

Hmmm, being juicy means having the right amount of confidence! :) Too much is irritating and too little will make you look like a snob.

Being juicy is also being smart in your actions/thoughts. :)

Connie Rose Gabor said...

Juicy does not necessarily equate to skinny or good looks. Juicy is all about having the guts to flaunt what you have and being comfortable about yourself. :)

cristina said...

What makes a person "Juicy"(Sexy)?

For me it is not the dress, jewelries, perfumes and figure of a person. If you wear a expensive clothes, jewelries or perfume doesn't mean you re sexy. If you have a perfect body curves doesn't mean you re juicy. It's how you handle yourself. Even if you only wear simple clothes and a cologne, as long as you look "mabango" and smell "mabango" you are juicy(sexy).

Honey said...

Confidence, happiness and self-worth is the key to "Juicy-ness"!Whether you're single, in a relationship, or happily married, you can exude sexiness effortlessly because you know that you are beautiful inside and out. Rather than trying to impress someone, why not express yourself in the most bongga way? Don't try to lose/gain/maintain weight just because you feel that you can win the heart of some guy, do it because you value yourself as much as your loved ones. And wear your beautiful clothes, treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner, have a priceless bonding time with your kids. I tell you, the moment you show the world how happy you are is the moment they stop and notice you and your irresistible "Juicy" factor.

Ria M. said...

Confidence makes a person juicy! It exudes such positive and sexy energy that draws the attention of people, without needing to show any flesh =)

Confident people know how to walk the talk. Not only do they present themselves with boldness, but they are able to stand up for their own conviction, share their perceptions without fear and handle problematic situations in a level-headed way. Confidence is sexy.

Mia E said...

I think what makes a person sexy is his or her smile along with his or her personality. I think if you have the looks but no personality and and charm to go with it, the sexy factor won't stay long. So for me, I find a man very sexy if if he has charm and a happy and quirky personality. :)

skidsideways said...

confidence and passion to be a good person

Thought Bubble said...

what makes a person juicy?

a person is "juicy" when
when despite discouragement
her spirits not dampen

despite a broken heart
she'd rather heads to a new start

despite disappointments
she remains focus and values commitment

despite defeat
she dusts herself off and tries again, that's no mean fete

despite loss
she copes and reminds herself she is her own boss

and despite mistakes and confusion
she knows when to kneel down and ask for absolution

she is juicy! and she is...me! :)

Patricia said...

Being "JUICY" (sexy) is a state of mind. It has less to do with having a perfect body. Just like the "Law of Attraction", the power of the human mind dictates how you want people to see you.

I can say I can attest to that. I have always been on the "heavy" side..so many years of yo-yo dieting is exhausting!I am not blessed with the slim genes,rather I have full hips and a waistline that oh never mind.haha!but!I am blessed with long limbs so in a way, the length compensates for the width. Nothin like a pair of nice gams to show off with some short shorts & dainty minis!

I love wearing nice clothes, cheap finds but classy.I hardly go out of the house without makeup too,cos it makes me feel "SEXY".I always think "sexy" every single time. And it works indeed! Even if I'm not the slimmest girl among my girlfriends (oh and im the oldest too lol) I STILL never fail to hear nice compliments from strangers saying "Hey sexy" LOL!GOOD FUN!

I follow you on twitter Ms.Jenni!And its only today that I discovered about this wonderful blog of yours..bugger!the thing about the "cursor" that u mentioned caught my attention so I clicked the link & found this! I have already bookmarked the page so its gonna be a loooong night tonite for me, will try to catch up with your archives!

P.S. went to the juicy Couture shop in Singapore twice and had a whiff of this but too bad didn't really have the extra $$$ to get it for myself, have to get some xmas presents for the kiddos!i love the scent!sooooooo girly girl just like me!:)))

@zombiebam on twitter

ylandia said...

The one thing that makes a person "juicy" is confidence. When you are able to let loose, have fun, and love everything about yourself (the flaw-covered and flaunt-worthy sides), you are the JUICIEST person in the world.

Lhen said...

one does not have to look sexy to be sexy. it's all in the mind. you just have to be comfortable in your own skin and confident in what you do =)

Nina Lacson said...

First answer that popped in my mind is that confidence makes a person juicy! I know it's cliche, but confidence never fails to bring out the best kind of outer glow which translates to an ardent tongue (being witty is definitely sexy!!!) and a good posture. Confidence makes a person equipped to take any challenge. At the end of day, this person turns out to be juicily sexy with extra spicy oomph.

With this being said, I pondered... Their are an underlying culprit for the confidence and juiciness one exude which are of the following:
-people's positive remarks. No matter how seemingly small the compliment is, it always brightens up a day --a dose of compliment never fails.
-a good scent that whenever she passes by a crowd, her smell stands out. Having a good smell is definitely sexy!

Aside from confidence, I think it's happiness and contentment that makes a person juicy especially when a person ages. For in this life, only the people who turned out to be genuinely happy and contended can say that they conquered life. Yes, sexiness to the hilt a that!

Joanna said...

For me a person, let me talk about girl here, is "juicy" if she is the right package of beauty, intelligence, wits and confidence. One who has always something new to bring to the table, someone who exudes mystery.

I admire women who are oozing with self-confidence, those who can carry themselves with grace even at times of pressure and also, if she loves and accepts herself for the way she is because honestly, to be at peace with oneself is quite a challenge.

Karla Avila said...

A warm smile and a sincere laugh makes a person really juicy! :) A person's smile and laugh tells you so much about his personality. A warm yet mysterious smile can make anyone look very appealing and a sincere contagious laugh can turn a person into someone's apple his/ her eye.

Smile. Laugh. love.


Michelle Sy said...

Someone who radiates peacefulnes and contentment. Someone who is happy with themselves is juicy (and very sexy). A sense of humor, honesty, kindness & caring are among the qualities, and if you are hygienic & smells good all the time (that's a major plus!) A juicy (or sexy) person is someone that radiates that inner beauty that reflects on a person's outward appearance. you can call it an "inner glow."

Sometimes, you meet someone very attractive at first glance, but as soon as they open their mouth, in most cases there is nothing beautiful about them. Yet they still continue to be beautiful to look at.
On the other hand, you see someone who looks plain or not very good looking, but as you talk with them and get to know them, you begin to see the beauty of that person.

Being beautiful inside and out is what truly makes a person juicy (or sexy).

arman said...

What makes a person "JUICY"?..For me, ATTITUDE is what makes a person juicy!!..The way you treat others and the goodness you show to them is what defines you as a person and what makes you sexy in a good way!!!You may not be sexy physically but if you have a good heart you will definitely standout among others..That's what "juicy" is!!

Anonymous said...

Someone who radiates peacefulnes and contentment. Someone who is happy with themselves is juicy (and very sexy). A sense of humor, honesty, kindness & caring are among the qualities, and if you are hygienic & smells good all the time (that's a major plus!) A juicy (or sexy) person is someone that radiates that inner beauty that reflects on a person's outward appearance. you can call it an "inner glow."

Sometimes, you meet someone very attractive at first glance, but as soon as they open their mouth, in most cases there is nothing beautiful about them. Yet they still continue to be beautiful to look at.
On the other hand, you see someone who looks plain or not very good looking, but as you talk with them and get to know them, you begin to see the beauty of that person.

Being beautiful inside and out is what truly makes a person juicy (or sexy).

whitedaffodil said...

i think, when a person doesn't know he/she's juicy that's what makes him/her sexy.

jamie said...

Hi miss jenni,

I love snooping and reading your blog! witty, well written, and relates to us reader ( even if i'm not a mom yet! hahaha, yup, I can relate-- case in point, I wanna learn how to cook healthier for me and my love ones). Anyhoo, to answer what makes a person "juicy":

Being Sexy is never really about your vital stats; may not even be about the singular body parts every women dream of having ( ie: BIGGER front, PERKY behinds, Longer legs; sometimes SEXINESS comes from within ourselves when we find our own comfort for our body, our mind, and our soul.

So for me, a JUICY person is a women who oozes with unequivocal confidence,genuine charisma, bold intelligence and someone who is utterly nice in and out. :)


a person becomes juicy pag ung beauty nya comes from within,then next is if a person exudes with confidence,dun lumalabas pagiging sexy naa (juicy)

joiyee said...

Aside from having a body to die for (for me, that would be the slim type), carrying clothes well and PERSONALITY makes a person Juicy! :D

Give Peace, Love & JOY (Juicy Couture) a chance!--hahaha! :D

Adlyanna Velasco said...

Personally, I think confidence is what makes a person juicy. Call it cliche but I'd pick a person who carries himself well than a person who needs to be fed compliments.

email: lyanvelasco@gmail.com

tinakits said...

A person is in its sexiest when he/she let his/her confidence trut its stuff & let it take over his/her mind & body

Vanessa Rendon Lukaylukay said...

For me a Juicy Person is like Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty, she's not afraid of being herself among the skinny, pretty, fashionable society.

Anonymous said...

For me, a person can be juicy in 3 ways.
1st she/he exudes this aura of confidence(in a natural,not-overpowering-trying hard way) The manner a person carries himself/herself makes any person take a second look or give a friendly stare, and that just by simply existing,other people are influenced by his/her "good vibe" feel. So much that that person doesn't even try hard to do so.
2nd is that he/she uses her flaws to his/her advantage. In a modern world where people strive to be perfect all the time, I think a juicy person is someone who embraces his/her flaws & use it to his/her advantage whatever aspect in his/her life that's flawed, he/she shares this for the world to see & be appreciated. 3rd and lastly, I find someone juicy when he/she exudes love for himself/herself & unconsciously passes it on to her family & friends. You know that kind of love that even in the littlest of things can be seen & felt. The kind of love that encourages the people around her to do the same. A Juicy person for me then is all about giving good vibes,being flawed yet lovable! :)

Bags said...

A person is juicy if she knows how to speak well and could carry a good conversation. At the end of the day, no matter how well dressed, how presentable and how good a person smell, it is the way the he presented himself that will always matter and will be remembered.


shirley lim said...

Being vain makes a person sexy.
If she knows how to carry herself well, if she has table manners and knows when to smile I guess she's sexy.

shirley lim

Fasharlizta said...

Sexy is…

J – Jenni Epperson (might seem like a kiss-ass answer, but still is very true); also is..
Jovial: gay: full of or showing high-spirited merriment

U – Ultra hot passion in all the things she does

I – Impeccable taste in food and fashion

C – Confident and carries herself well wherever she goes

Y – Youthful: regardless of age. Someone who embraces life and everything that comes with it.

Joan said...

I once had a dream about a man so juicy that when I woke up from it (and believe me, I didn't want to wake up from it! :P) My heart was racing and I couldn't wait to go back to sleep and dream about him again! The feeling I got from this man was so good that I wanted to bottle it up and take a whiff of it every now and then.

Weird thing was I didn't know who he was.. never ever seen him before, doesn't even look like anybody I know and YET I was extremely drawn to him. Why was Mr. Dream so juicy? (Ok, I'll just describe him since I want to keep the juicy details of my dream to myself, lol)

Mr. Dream was the attractive type, clean shaven but you know by the way he stands that he's a man's man and definitely not a softie.
Ok, ok, he was physically sexy, no denying that. But what drew me to him more than his physical good looks was that he was a mixture of things you only read about in romance novels. I guess what makes a person sexy is that he can be mysterious when he wants to.. walk and talk with an air of power and confidence about him.. make everybody around him feel like he could take charge of anything.. ooze some gorgeous seriousness yet can be a bit of a playful flirt at the same time. Sexiness a.k.a. Juiciness, IMO, boils down to how well a person carries himself.

Well, having good looks doesn't hurt either. I'd take both if I could, lol.

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