Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trend report


Vacation is over. I know, it sucks.
Here's something to get the fashionista in you motivated. I know I am!

The Spring/Summer campaigns are out! It's time to get some style inspirations!

Listen up ladies and gays, class is now in session. Our first subject is math...

Louis Vuitton = Colors + Prints + Skin baring frock + Art Deco-inspired bags

Prada = Stripes + Colors + Shoulder bags + Statement shades + Stacked heels
Marc Jacobs = Colors + Bold accessories + Retro vibe - Nipples (LOL)
Yves Saint Laurent = Jersey dress + '70's style + Old Hollywood vibe
Mulberry = Messenger bags + Anything camel
Balenciaga = Graphic prints + Rocker vests + Metal hardware
(Left photo) Mama Gisele Bündchen is hot!
Chloe = Nude colors

Versace = Nude! Haha!
Seriously, it's all about high heels + Handbags

Shoppingera, which of these trends would most likely take over your closet this season?


Reg said...

nice post! i'm def looking forward to wearing a lot of color :)


Anagon =) said...

I can't get enough of retro/70s look! :) Thank God it's still in style! :D And with fun twists, for every comeback!...Just like your Mabuhay blog, Ms.J! :) Been a follower since your Multiply days! :))

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