Saturday, January 8, 2011



My family and I will be germ-free for quite sometime. Thanks to Hygienix.

Look what arrived at our home:

Hygienix is the newest anti-bacterial skin care brand of Splash Corporation.
I like that it's got moisturizing properties. I'm conscious about germs more than ever because of baby Dylan.

Try Hygienix!

Thank you, Dr. Rolando Hortaleza!

Shoppingero/shoppingera,what do you look for in an anti-bacterial hand spray/gel? Is it important to have a moisturizer or scent in it?


siomai said...

I am a Hygienix user as well! :))

jenobebs said...

i gave out the hand spray as gifts last Christmas at the office. they smell really nice. cant keep myself from sniffing my hand after :)

Anonymous said...

Available in Watsons? I like sprays better than gels.


reecah said...

i like bath and body works, for scent and fun flavors, they now have this sort of bottle holder so you can easily put it in the handle of your bag :)

Graceelicious said...

wow :) I'd love to try this one :) my office desk is filled with alcohol and alcogel and colognes and so on..for me I think it is important to have one especially on our bag since we also want to protect ourselves from bacteria which is everywhere..I will definitely try this one :)

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