Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gadget: iPad 2


I'm allergic to rumor mongers... Except those who gossip about Apple.
There is nothing more exhilarating than hearing stories about Steve Jobs' newest gadgets.
You can read about the latest from the grapevine here.

I love (fake) Steve Jobs' tweets! Ang taray lang n'ya. Follow him.

Katakot naman.


I still don't own an iPad. I'll get one when I'm done buying new furniture for the house. I hope I'm not the last person to own one because at the rate I'm going, buying stuff for the home seems never-ending.
The chism is that the iPad 2 will have: 1. thinner bezel (expected) 2. flat back 3. chunky wide-range speaker. That's all.

Ang nagkakalat ng chismis: Mac Otakara

By the time I get myself an iPad (unless someone wants to give me one now, hehehe), I'm hoping that I'm able to let go of my attachment to magazines and books. For now, I am going to enjoy leafing through the pages of my unopened Paris Vogue, Dwell, and other fashion and home bibles.

Btw, my co-stylist Sidney Yap and I will be working on a reflector (used for photography) application that we can use for our shoots. No more mirrors to bounce light off the model's face! Haha! Remember, Sid? #chos

Shoppingero/shoppingera, I'm curious, what's your favorite iPad app?

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