Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Freshly brewed coffee to go

Edit: I bought my Bodum® Travel Press at True Value, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.


One of the perils of being a fashion stylist is that unlike most photographers, models, and makeup artists, my work begins days before the actual shoot (pre-prod meetings, sourcing, shopping, fittings, more meetings) and ends a few days after. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but while everyone else has moved on to the next project, I am still liquidating receipts!

Bare with me here, I have a point. Anyway, come shoot day, I'm already spent. To get me through long hours of shooting, I need two things: Berocca and freshly brewed coffee in hand... All the time. I used to just rely on the caterer's brew and pray that they don't serve instant, otherwise it's Starbucks for me. Not anymore. Thanks to Bodum® Travel Coffee/Tea Press, I can now have my Lavazza (anytime, anywhere) and drink it too!

Bodum® Stainless Steel Travel Press
I love the graphic design of the slip-proof silicone grip!

How to use Bodum® Travel Press for coffee: 
1. Heat the water in a kettle.
2. The ground coffee goes in the mug and, during the four minutes it takes to find your keys, develops to its full aroma.
3. Press down the plunger and out the door you go.

Tip: Use coarsely ground coffee for a French press.

Buy the ones that come with a free extra lid.
The Travel Press comes in two sizes: 2 cups (0.45 L, 15 oz) and 1 1/2 cups  (0.35 L, 12 oz)

Bodum® double wall mug in plastic

Some of the Bodum® plastic mugs also come with a free extra lid!

Great for loose tea leaves too!

EHow tells us how to use Bodum® Travel Press using tea leaves:
1. The easiest way to make tea is to start out by boiling the water in advance. Use a kettle, or heat in a microwave-safe glass or ceramic container. Bring the water just barely to a boil, and remove from heat.
2. Measure out tea leaves while water is being brought to a boil. Do not yet put the leaves in the travel press.
3. Remove the lid of the travel press, drawing the plunger all the way out so that the filter screen is flush with the lid.
4. Pour a small amount of hot water into the travel press to warm the container, and then dump out.
5. Add the tea leaves to the warmed travel press.
6. Pour in hot water. If you are planning to add milk, sugar, lemon or other flavoring agents, this is the stage at which to add them. Proportions are a matter of taste, but by adding the extras early you avoid having to reopen the travel press after you have pushed down the plunger. Wait 30 to 60 seconds for the tea leaves to steep.
7. Screw the lid firmly to the travel press. Slowly press the plunger down. Do not rush this step: Hot tea can be forced out the plunger hole at high speed and can burn your hands and stain clothes and surrounding fabrics and furnishings. Take your time. If you press the screen of the plunger all the way down it will slow further steeping, though if the tea is left in the cup for enough hours the brew will grow bitter over that time.
8. You can drink your tea directly from your travel press: it's designed as a travel cup with a sipping spout. The double-walled thermos design will hold heat for as long as an hour. When your tea is finished you can add more water for a second, weaker cup, or you can throw away the old leaves and start over with fresh ones.

To those who are still hungover from all the holiday festivities, this coffee/tea press is something to think about buying.;D

*Bodum® Coffee/Tea Press is available at True Value and Bodum's online store.

Shoppingero/shoppingera,  where do you get your coffee fix? Starbucks, Coffee Bean, McDo, etc?


mitch_casas said...

Starbucks :P

Anonymous said...

I love this!! Will go and buy this as soon as I get a hold of True Value's customer service!

Anonymous said...

I called True Value Park square & per the person who answered the phone they don't have it. Where else is it available?

Jenni Epperson said...

I got my Bodum® Travell Press at True Value, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.

Lani said...

There are still Bodum Coffee/Tea Press in True Value Rockwell and True Value ATC. Check it out.

giuliana said...

i get my coffee jelly at bo's..i know it's a little sinful, hehe.but i love how rich and creamy it is. :D and the jelly they use is sweet, too. :D

Anonymous said...

The Bodum travel pressess/ mugs come in clear, double wall acrylic with free lid and in double wall stainless steel. It is also being sold in selected Dimensione home stores and Rustan's Department Store, Makati.

vanessa said...

If you could check out the French Presses that Starbucks sells its also Bodum :)

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