Friday, January 7, 2011

Dress to inspire


If I showed you the kind of clothes I wear at home, you wouldn't believe it. Even I don't believe it. Just to give you an idea, a few days ago, I caught myself wearing some random giveaway T-shirt and a loose pair of drawstrings shorts that can rival MC Hammer's pants! Not inspiring.

From now on, I will dress up no matter what the occasion is. At the end of the day, who better to appreciate my clothes than those who I live with, right?

If I am going to live my life like in the old movies, I should take cue from the old Hollywood's silver screen goddesses on how to look chic and comfortable at home. 

Grace Kelly's loungewear in 'High Society' is the epitome of chic-at-home!
Style notes: Khakis + Espadrilles = Comfy chic

Audrey Hepburn is the style patron of black and ballet flats. This look is so up my alley!
Style notes: Leggings + Ballerina flats = Home sleek home

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what do you usually wear at home?


siomai said...

I totally agree! :)

kristina said...

I ♥ audrey hepburn.

Anonymous said...

I mostly wear pyjamas & my fave old school shirts, so old it's super nipis na parang isang dura na lang mapupunit na! but then the husband one time made a comment that I really am sinking to my role as a housewife. Feeling ko naman it wasa compliment, knowing I've been doing well in keeping up with our 11 month old daughter and taking good care of the house, ayun pala he was referring to my "mumomotherly-laos-in-space-look!" nakakalowka! So from then on, I wore better fitting plain shirts and short shorts (c/o Forever 21). Next thing I knew, the husband started giving me "pasalubong" randomly, like my fave pastries & books! So it really DOES pay to dress well even in your own home. This post definitely has boosted up my self-confidence in not being afraid to look good kahit walang bisita sa house! Ika-nga, you are what you wear! LOL Thanks Ms. J! *P.S.I hope I get to take home one of the 5 lovely airmail wallets* (ahem! ;p)

Anonymous said...

Since I work at home now, I usually wear tank tops or t-shirts and maong shorts. Easiest pambahay without making me feel sluggish. I work on my laptop the whole day so I want to be as comfortable as possible.

I love Audrey Hepburn! Classic!

AVA T.♥ said...

I just wear shorts or my old school t-shirts when I'm at home =p I'm more of the comfy type, but I really love how Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn dresses like. Simple, yet still looking chic!:) Great idea, ms. jenni!

IceQueen said...

I'm 20 and I like lounging around the house in my ratty clothes. My mom gets mad at me when I wear them and always say that I'm looking very "losyang". I like lounging in them because they're very comfy!

But since it's 2011 and I'm turning 21 on the 20th, I finally cleaned my closet. I threw away all my ratty clothes today. My pambahay clothes now consists of shirts and tank tops that I rarely use.

My mom smiled at me as I hauled two big SM plastic bags full of clothes I don't want to use anymore (Yes, even some of my Levi's jeans). After that, I told her she owes me a shopping spree to fill all the spaces in my closet.

I look better at home plus I get to have new clothes. Win-win for me! :)

MPJplayer said...

mostly shirts and shorts or sweatpants.. Im 19 and I still wear shorts from third grade na naging itsy bitsy shorts na..hehe.

right now, Im wearing a plain shirt, bleached shorts and a vintage oversized striped cardigan because its chilly here in Cebu. :)

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