Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Table settings: Tessa Prieto-Valdes


I am excited to feature party host extraordinaire, Tessa Prieto-Valdes' table settings on my blog!

I am privileged to have attended many of Tessa's fun and fabulous parties. She throws the wackiest, and sometimes, wildest events in her house! Most of the time, I get caught up with the games, catching up with Tessa and friends, and having photo ops (she hires a photo booth) that I don't get to appreciate how beautiful her tableware are.

The hostess with the mostest Tessa Prieto-Valdes

Tom and I did a shoot with Tessa just recently. We arrived early, and for the first time, the house was quiet. Haha! Tessa's helpers were busy setting up several tables around the house for two different parties! I couldn't help but admire the Valdes' table settings as they were eclectic, unpretentious, and fun; just like Tessa and her family.

Because sharing is caring...

Table setting #1:

Where the Wild Things Are: I love the mix of textures and colors!
High-low: Tessa mixes affordable plates from Multiple Choice with traditional silverware, colored-glass goblets, and handmade piña embroidered placemats. The simple, green, cotton table cloth gets a glamorous touch from the metal vine candelabras.
Tip: Mix, mix, mix!

 Table setting #2:

Neauveau neutrals: Because we're talking about Tessa here, even the neutral tones are never toned down! Haha! I love the leaf-on-leaf prints of the plates and placemats!

 Table setting #3:

Not shabby, but chic! I love the play of the colorful floral chair covers with the neutral abaca place mats and classic dinnerware.
God is in the details. Tessa loves the twists, literally!

If there is one thing I learned from Tessa about hosting parties at home, is that after the food has been prepared and tables are finally set-up, it's time to just let go and enjoy the party! Oh, games and kyoot loot bags add major, major fun too!

Thank you, Tessa for allowing me to take photos of your home! I love you!

Shoppingera, what kind/style of dinnerware would you like to own?


dee said...

wow! i've always admired tessa's sense of style. and i wouldn't be surprised if her table settings are as fashion-abulous (boy, your making-up-words vibe is nakakahawa!) as her! same with you jenni. after seeing your equally fashion-abulous table settings, i told myself, when i have a place of my own in the future, the one thing i'm going to make a priority of (aside from chic minimalist furnishings) is chic table ware too!

i hope you also feature your new place in your blog. can't wait to see how chic it looks.

p.s. happy new blog! another link to add to my favorite reads!

Telai Jarabelo said...

Reading this entry made me want to throw a house party now na!! However we don't have nice cutlery here at home. It used to never bother me, but after your multiple posts of tableware the past few months, I suddenly want to ask my mom to buy beautiful stuffs at the kitchenware department! lol

But really. Thank you for the inspiration. One thing I've definitely learned in this post: mix and match! It doesn't only apply to fashion, but even to tablewares as well!

xo, Telai

PS Tessa Valdez is totes awesome! I love how she is never afraid to express herself in her own quirky way! So inspirational!

Jennifer said...

tessa prieto valdez! she's one in a million! kumbaga sa species "so rare, so unique". She's so fabulousah! She always dress like a doll! I really like her, her style and sense of humor (i watched her on TV) I want to meet her someday!

Karla Avila said...

Oh my God. I die. So kyoot, so pretty!!! 8D

I dream of the day that I become an amazing host for dinner parties for my barkada in the future. Grabe, Tessa Prieto-Valdes is such an inspiration!

I'm an interior design student and I would love to be in the events planning field. *So much kilig in my heart right now*

My favorite post so far on your blog! :) Just started reading and bookmarked you already! More posts like this please. :)

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