Monday, January 10, 2011

Bag it like Beckham


Whenever I hear of an actress designing a line of clothes, bags, shoes, etc. I'm a bit sceptical. Designing is not for everyone. You need a strong sense of aesthetics, creativity, passion, time, patience, and love for fashion to transcend your vision. Victoria Beckham seems to have them all (OK, maybe except for patience)!

  • VB owns 100+ Hermés Birkin bags
  • She's impeccably dressed
  • She has strong aesthetics
  • She lives, breathes, and eats fashion 
  • She's funny (you also need humor in fashion)
  • She has a dream (for her name to be as popular as a soap brand in Britain)
  • She is married to one of the hottest man alive, David (not fashion related but a fact none the less)

I'm not a VB fan but girl can design, or at least she got Katie Hillier (Marc by Marc Jacobs design consultant and bag designer) to collaborate with her and the two have created a beautiful collection.

Watch out spice girls, a new bag designer has joined the fashion arena! Let the games begin...

The Victoria Beckham handbags:

According to Beckham, her brand is about looking “beautiful from all angles.” Personally, I love structured bags. My favorite is the fossil buffalo travel bag with pale gold hardware (right-most side).

According to, "the two of the styles–the leather and nubuck shoulder bag and the hexagonal chain bag in crocodile–went on sale yesterday at Net-a-Porter. The leather and nubuck sold out within the hour, Elle UK is reporting. The nearly $14,000 crocodile bag (pictured right) sold out by the afternoon."

I've unearthed my structured handbags while I was cleaning out my closet. After seeing VB's collection, it has inspired me to start using them again. Like what I wrote before, let's reuse, reduce, recycle fashion this year! The problem is, I don't own a denim stretch pencil skirt to go with my handbags. Where can I buy? Oh well...

Shoppingera, what treasures have you discovered lately in your closet while decluttering?


Pipaya Moments said...

i would love to see your structured handbag and workin' it, Ms Jenny! I'm sure VB will approve!

Graceelicious said...

VB is an epitome of fashion and I simply love her :)
Just last year when me and my mom were cleaning our closet, we found a lot of nice cardigans that we, maybe have forgotten over the years..I remember we bought it in Baguio and now simply because it's really cold nowadays, we get to wear it :)

Patricia said...

I'm also a big fan of VB!Check out the Victoria Beckham designs for the 2011 LAND ROVER EVOQUE 4WD's.. Amazing!

shirleylim26 said...

VB's collections are gorgeous!

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