Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jennirosity Day! Cute giveaways


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who commented on my blog, signed my guest book, and tweeted me regarding my new site! It means a lot to me.

Thanks also for all the comments and for sharing your views and opinions on my posts. As a token of my appreciation, I'm giving away a prize to five of my amazing readers! Yay!

All comments (except evil ones) are welcome. The winning comments could be a witty remark, constructive criticism,  something funny, simple and sincere message or whatever that catches my attention.

Here's what I'm giving away:

A leatherette airmail envelope pouch (size 5.5 x 4 in.)! Isn't it the kyoooooootest?
Five (5) amazing readers will win these!

How to join:

1. Leave a comment on ANY of my posts. You can also leave a message on my guest book (it's located on the side bar).
2. For now, everyone can leave a comment. Next time, for security reasons, only people with Blogger accounts (active or not so) can join. Unless I find a way (maybe you know how) to get proper identification from "Anonymous" comments.
3. Even though the contest is open to everyone, I will only deliver (via Xend/Air21) the prizes to the Philippines. If you're from abroad, I can send it to your relatives/friends living in the country.

Winners will be announced on Monday.

Anyone can join except my family... and that means you Aryanna!;D

Shoppingero/shoppingera, I'm looking forward to all your comments!


I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

First one to comment! I deserve a prize :D

I was the one who reminded you about bloglovin' yesterday on Twitter ;)

I follow you on bloglovin', Multiply, and Twitter, heehee.

Looking forward to reading more posts about your kids.

Sunshine & Twinkles said...

weeeeee!!!! These are too cute! By the looks of your 2011 posts, you are inspired. Coolness!!!

lostsoulinmanila said...

soooo cute! <3

mitch_casas said...

the prize is cute & unique. thanks for your heart to give. :)

Erin Dg said...

I've never entered any contest online, this is the first and hopefully get a prize for this :) haha.

Love love reading your blog ♥

kym ramos said...

I really love your blog!!! ;)) it's so chic! :))

siomai said...

You can pass for a manga character! You really look like one without even trying. I just came across your blog while reading other fashion blogs, and I loved it. ♥

I hope I can get one of those cute pouch so that I can replace mine which was lost on the first day of the year. Thank you! =)

Reylen Javan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ang cute! Love it.

More plato-platuhan posts please! :D I love those.

Mom-Friday said...

Kyooot nga! :)
I left a couple of comments already in your earlier posts so hope i get a bigger chance at winning, hehe...

And you might want to try and register with DISQUS for your comment forms, just like I did. They will require commenters to register with their emails or other social network accounts and you can verify their identities with that. Hope this helps :)

eman macabulos said...

hi jenni,

i am an avid follower of your blog, even before it transferred to a new home...

your posts are quirky and informative...they describe your personality well...

i am a guy, and so what? i want to win one...

p.s.: i really love the plato-platuhan> :)

Anonymous said...

You've come a long way as a blogger Ms. Jenni. :) You seriously deserve an award for that! No-nominate kita sa next Pinoy Blog Awards! :D

P.S. I love your photos now compared before. What camera are you using? Same with the others, I also love your platu-platuhan posts!

More power Ms. Jenni! ;)

Thought Bubble said...

hi ms jenni,
your blog is super fun not just because of the stories u share but also because of the cool photographs. ako nga even how to prepare sinangag binlog ko na din and i took photos of every step din like you. masarap mag blog especially if w/ attached pics na u took by yourself. ur blog is inspiring khit wla akong audience like u :), maybe someday pag nabasa ng anak ko, sabay kaming matatawa sa mga posts ko. :) more power to u and goodluck in all ur endeavors..

Marianne Marcial said...

Hi Jenni! My name is Marianne and like you, I also blog about everything--be it fashion, food, travel or whatever. You inspire me in every entry you post (coz I totally wanna be like you! You rock, Jen!). I even bookmarked your Mabuhay Doctor blog in my browser toolbar to remind myself that I should read something from you. Ta-dah! But don't get upset, I seriously won't last a day without clicking the bookmark. :-)

I follow you on Twitter too. Your timeline, most especially on Sundays for ASAP XV, is something to look forward to on weekends.

Now I'll start to sign up for Blogger and blog here too because I SUPERLOVE you!

Keep on rocking! More power! :)

Gene said...

so cute! they're simply adorable. may I know where you bought the pouches? you know, in case my luck is hating me. ;P

fleur said...

Ms.Jenni, I know you've heard this before but I SO LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Good thing you transferred na to blogger because the multiply site is blocked in our office therefore i've built up a pretty hefty phone bill because i (previously) read your multiply blog through my iphone everyday!! hahaha!! i have to have my mabuhay girl blog fix every morning and at lunchtime!! =) at least now, nasa blogger ka na! makakatipid na ako and still can read your blog everyday! hahaha!

more power ms jenni!

kate doloroso said...

i think i'll win the cat one since my name is katrina. hahaha!

=) happy new year!

candicetan said...

Ms. J,
Please be jennirous to me.

I will take good care of the wallet. Bring it wherever I go. And ensure that no harm comes upon it as if it were my own:) Hihi.

Thank you!

P.S. Love your blog. Been reading since Mabuhaygirl on Multiply!

Mia E said...

oh oh oh! those are too cute! i've been looking for the perfect pouch for my receipts and i think that is perfect! i hope i win this! :)

love your blog and i'm happy you transferred to blogger. i agree with you, it's much more functional and very easy to use! :)

*MrsMartinez* said...

Yey! another site! I have been following you in Multiply then in Ichigo and then this new site!

I hope you can update more frequently. ; p You can moderate comments so haters will be filtered out lol


leysad said...

i so want these..
please please please
a bear, kity & bunny
how cute a pouch can be?

i just started reading your blog in multiply and i am enjoying it.

hope i can get one of the give away. yay~!

Pretty Gorgeous said...

I want and love the bear&rabbit kyoot pouch

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