Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty: Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Gentle Cleansing Oil-In-Gel


Anyone who has tried Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil will agree that it is one of the best makeup removers in the market. It can soften the toughest mascaras and melt the stickiest foundations.

The late Mr. Shu Uemura made history by introducing the first oil-based cleanser to Japan. The Cleansing Oil is the makeup brand's start product. You can remove makeup and skin impurities in one single step!

Shu Uemura has introduced another revolutionary product: Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Gentle Cleansing Oil-In-Gel. It's a "2-in-1" cleanser for visible skin renewal.

Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Gentle Cleansing Oil-In-Gel
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin/dermatologically tested/opthalmologically tested/allergy tested/non-comedogenic

Breakthrough technology: Fluid gel formulated with high removal natural origin oils. Spreads smoothly to capture light makeup and dirt, washing away impurities including excess sebum, external pollutants, now usage made possible with both dry and wet hands.

Skin "renewing" complex: infused with bamboo leaf, beet, and lupin extracts

For eco lovers:
  • 97% of raw the materials of the formula are biodegradable
  • formula reduced impact on aquatic ecosystems
  • no added: paraben, colorant, alcohol, petroleum surfactant, soap

The catch:

Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Gentle Cleansing Oil-In-Gel will not be available till end of February. However, I was able to get a sample of the product and I loved it! I have sensitive and dry skin so this makeup remover suits me. I love the giant Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil bottle I have at home, but this new cleansing gel is convenient for traveling.

I recommend this product to eco lovers (KC, you'll love this product!) and those with very sensitive skin.

Surprise! I would like one of my amazing readers to try out this product. Tune into my blog as I will be giving away Shu Uemura Pure:Nu Gentle Cleansing Oil-In-Gel this coming February!

Shoppingera, what do you look for in a makeup remover?


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hi,this is Shiela :-) i want a cleanser that soothes my skin,and off course cleanses and removes deep seated pores.

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