Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion recycle and upcycle: LBD


In fashion, yesterday's style is tomorrow's trend.

This year, more than ever, is the time to reuse our favorite pieces, reduce the clutter in our closets, and recycle the classics. Everything old is new again!

Case in point: My favorite LBD (little black dress) gets updated with leopard print accessories.
I can still get away wearing black and animal prints these days because the weather is still quite cool in the city. When the temperature hits 30°C, maybe I'll consider packing up the "winter" artillery. Maybe.

Did I hear you say, "Sample! Sample! Sample!"? Haha!

 LBD + Leopard print scarf & booties + John Galliano tortoise frame shades + Assorted bracelets

Thank you, Aryanna for taking my pictures!

Shoppingera, what piece of clothing in your closet needs to be reused, recycled, and updated?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni, just curious, is that a Jil Sander dress? i love the shape! it's something you could wear for a long time because the shape is flattering. Winner! :)

Mom-Friday said...

like like your shades and leopard-print accents :) AND the cutie pie walking with you!

Nu ABO said...

convert all my old jeans to denim cut- offs. Buying classic, trend- proof items are key. Also, button downs from mom and dad with vintage prints..very perfect for summer.:))

love the dress and leopard churva btw!!! :)))))))

E said...


AVA T.♥ said...

super cute!! i want a picture like this with my son! Hmm i think my old pambahay top needs to be recycled super old!!=p

Lady E said...

I love the last photo! Pang fashion editorial! Calling Vogue?

joiyee said...

those shoooooeeeessss! they're a dream...i really admire they way you effortlessly put things together to come up with such fab looks...wish i could expose my legs more as you...if only...sigh...anyway, keep up the good work. it appears to me that you enJOY what you do--good for you! :D

Anonymous said...

i want more of this kind of blog.. Your fashion style!! and what your wearing... I'm inspired with all of your blogs..
<3 Dezpls

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