Friday, January 21, 2011

Brunch: Sustainable food


I should really scope out our neighborhood for more places like Le Bistro Vert. It is one of the coolest restos in town!

The French name, Le Bistro Vert, translated in English as “The Green Bistro” is inspired by the center of cuisine excellence which is France. What is offered is a mix of culinary influences culled by Chef Sau del Rosario, who began his international professional experience in Paris and Nice in France and has come full circle with his experiences in Asian countries.

Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods has at its core direction, the support of local farmers and small communities who produce artisanal food specialties, as well as healthy yet tasty cuisine. The menu’s local flavors are given a twist as Asian culinary culture comes to meet European rich tradition of cuisine.

This is the future of the food industry.


I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Instead of the usual spinach and English muffins, they used bokchoy and wheat pandesal. I love the combination! The bacon was crisped to perfection and the Hollandaise sauce was light and tasty. Two thumbs up!
Perfectly poached eggs should ooze! So yummy!
Tom ordered the French toast with fruit compote and maple syrup. He said that the use of raisin bread was not the best choice as the bread was doughy. I tried it and I have to say, I agree. In our opinion, it's not the best dish on the menu.
Tom and I went back this morning to have breakfast again at the bistro. This time, I ordered the LBV Filipino breakfast with chicken longganisa. It was delicious but the longganisa to rice ratio was too little. For almost P300, they could have served three pieces of the longganisa. I was still hungry when I left the joint.
You have no idea how much Tom and I wanted this Berry Pancake to taste good, but unfortunately, the pancakes were dense. We're breakfast people and we make mean flapjacks at home, in our opinion, pancakes should be light and fluffy. Anyway, we told the staff about it and they were very accommodating.
The bistro's specialty dessert is the calamansi pie. It's their version of key lime pie. This is a must-try! It's got the right hint of sourness from the calamansi and the cream cheese just melts in your mouth! I would improve though on the crust as it was too crumbly. I want my crust to hold up to the filling.
Coffee was good. Love the foam!
You can buy local products at Le Bistro Vert's Echostore.
Sample some of Chef Sau's concoctions!

Architect Dan Lichauco, known for his green buildings and who teaches sustainable green architecture at the University of Santo Tomas stepped in to create an interior reminiscent of a green glass house. A large whimsical mural of symbols representing the underwater world and treasures of the sea dominates the first floor. The mural is set against stark white walls.

Warning: Closed on Sundays
Le Bistro Vert (former Capone's) is located at Fraser Place, GF, Forbes Tower, Valero st., Makati City. Telefax 403.1841

Le Bistro Vert serves all-day breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktails, and dinner.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, have you heard about sustainable food?

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aurieme said...

I appreciate this post greatly.
I have heard of sustainable food, which is one of many reasons I am a vegetarian and eat local, organic food. The truth behind the global meat and food industry is quite shocking, which led me to decide not to eat meat.

Thank you for enlightening more people about healthier, more sustainable food options.

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